Roon is crawling… [Resolved - Reboot]

Roon NAS (latest) on a QNAP TS473 with 36 gb of RAM
Roon installed on 500GB SSD
5017 Artists, 15778 Albums

Searching for an album by text in its title is not responding. I get “Searching for…” with the animated Roon icon for minutes. Going to the Home from the menu takes ~20 seconds to display results. Trying to play a track takes minutes… This just started a week or two ago.

Search is pretty much unusable.

Anyone else?

Have you done basic troubleshooting, rebooting everything?

Face palm’ing myself. Thanks, @ged_hickman1!

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I did suggest they put “Have you rebooted?” at the top of the support template :grinning:


Rebooting is not a solution, it’s a workaround.

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…as is restoring from a backup. #roonlife

It varies wildly, mine is appliance like, no problems, dropouts, corruption of any sort.
Press play and it works.


A statement like that is just asking for trouble… :rofl:

So was mine until it wasn’t.

Well that’s true, but six years in…

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