Roon is down sampling by using Chromecast built in device

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Hi there @support
I’m new here.

I have a brand new Cambridge Edge NQ which streams anything in high resolution music. By using Chromecast the device is streaming up to 192 kHz. Except when I use Roon.

Roon is downsampling the data to 48 kHz. When I use the Qobuz app directly I get the native value up till 192 kHz.

I have a Synology Nas and the Roon core is implemented on a SSD. The system works perfectly except the down sampling.
How can I fix this problem?

Is there anyone who could help me?
Thanks a lot for your help

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Hello @Egon,

Roon only sends >48kHz audio to devices that declare the HI_RES_AUDIO_SUPPORTED flag via the Chromecast SDK. If your device doesn’t report this flag, it’s basically stating that it doesn’t handle anything over 48kHz. If your devices support >48kHz sample rates and don’t report this flag, there is a bug in their implementation of Chromecast.

We are going to reach out to Cambridge Audio with this information and we will be sure to keep you in the loop.


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Thanks a lot John for your help.
With best regards Egon