Roon is down sampling by using Chromecast built in device

Hi there @support
I’m new here.

I have a brand new Cambridge Edge NQ which streams anything in high resolution music. By using Chromecast the device is streaming up to 192 kHz. Except when I use Roon.

Roon is downsampling the data to 48 kHz. When I use the Qobuz app directly I get the native value up till 192 kHz.

I have a Synology Nas and the Roon core is implemented on a SSD. The system works perfectly except the down sampling.
How can I fix this problem?

Is there anyone who could help me?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @Egon,

Roon only sends >48kHz audio to devices that declare the HI_RES_AUDIO_SUPPORTED flag via the Chromecast SDK. If your device doesn’t report this flag, it’s basically stating that it doesn’t handle anything over 48kHz. If your devices support >48kHz sample rates and don’t report this flag, there is a bug in their implementation of Chromecast.

We are going to reach out to Cambridge Audio with this information and we will be sure to keep you in the loop.


Thanks a lot John for your help.
With best regards Egon

Dear John
You told me in June that Roon will contact Cambridge Audio to give them any inputs why the system is down sampling from 96Khz to 48 Khz. Is there any hope that in the near future I could listen to my music without any down sampling?
Kind regards

Hello @Egon,

While I cannot speak to any specifics, I can say that we are in contact with the development team at Cambridge Audio and that we are working with them to improve the playback experience for users of Cambridge Audio devices and Roon.



Is there an update on this from Cambridge Audio? I have a CXN v2 with the same “bug”.


I heard from Cambridge at the end of last year that they think to implement Roon on the device. Today I heard speculations that it shold be done in the next updates of this year.
Let’s hope so… I would be very happy!!! I love both…

If anybody of Cambridge is reading along… That would make two of us!

I do think Cambridge is taking Roon more seriously lately, and they actively promote their products being Roon tested aswell. RAAT support on the CXN would be the icing on the cake. Would mean higher than 96kHz and DSD is supported as well, since the hardware is capable of it using DLNA.

I enabled “Early update” on my CXNv2, and look what the update of yesterday brought us!! The CXNv2 is now officially a Roon Endpoint. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Cambridge!

The signal path shows everything being upsampled to 384 kHz, which is happening in the CXN, not on the Roon Core.

Not too sure about the “Roon Ready DSD Mode - DoP for digital output”. When I enable it, and play DSD files, I get no sound over the coaxial output of the CXN. It is connected to a CXA81 which is DSD capable on the USB input at least. Perhaps not on the coaxial input…?

Hey there
Our Cambridge Audio devices are Roon ready now!!
Did you get the last update? It’s amazing. I’m completely satisfied. I’ m just listening music in 176.4/24 bit.
And it sounds fantastic!!
Best regards

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Is it only applicable on Cambridge Audio streamer? I’m using CXA81 but it doesn’t upsampling…

Dear Adrian
Unfortunately I cannot help you in this matter.
I have the Cambridge Edge NQ. I’m listening always bit correct without any up sampling.
Best regards

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