Roon is freezing daily on my new Mac/Backup full message also with space available?

Not sure if its Roon or the new MacBook Pro? I am experiencing Roon freezing at least every other time I use it? I also so my back up saying its full when the internal SSD had 55% available and I am using the free drop box ?

Are you sure you are not filling up the free Dropbox account. I had to stop using it years ago because the backup size exceeded the free 2 GB storage limit.

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Media size is less than 500gb. Not sure of the Roon system size . Should make the Dropbox 2TB ?

I don’t and wouldn’t use Dropbox for the backups even if I had the space. The backup is too slow and restoration would be a multi-day affair. Your best bet, is to backup to the drive in the Mac.