Roon is frustratingly slow again

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Roon is horribly slow tonight searching for particular artists. Tidal favorites not showing up. How often does this kind of thing have to happen? Very fast Xfinity connection with no issues. Is Roon having server problems once again?

Working now. Who knows?

No issues here (west coast of Canada) - search is lightning fast, Tidal integrated as expected. Take it you’ve rebooted everything and logged out/back in to Tidal within Roon?

It’s had it’s moments over the weekend for sure.
I have had occasional slow searches on both Tidal and Qobuz but coming back an hour or so later it’s then been fine.

When you stop to think about it, makes sort of sense these problems " only seem to happen at weekends"…


Hey @richard_oxhorn we’re sorry for the delay in our reply!

We wanted to check back in and see if you’re still experiencing this behavior?