Roon is getting old

I’m a little slow but just read the blog article written by @enno “The first 100 days of Roon” on september 19, 2015. Have we all been sleeping and let the ‘first 1000 days of Roon’ go unnoticed by us?



Old or mature?

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ROCK is nearly 1 year old, solid as ever.

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And I am too! Well, we all are. Seriously, I am so happy to have moved on beyond iTunes, and even beyond Audirvana. I have enjoyed my music for a long time now, really as long as I can remember (I can thank my dad and uncles on both sides of the family, musicians and music fans all, for that) but Roon has added a level of enjoyment to my listening experience well worth the price of admission. Thanks, Roon Team!