Roon is ignoring my file data

I’ve got my Roon library set to look at my own file metadata exclusively. However, regardless of that, it’s ignoring that request and displaying its own. I’ve included to screenshots of the problem. The track data Roon displays bears little relationship to the file data that is explicitly set to display as can be seen in the shot of the file info page. If you compare tracks 2 & 3 you’ll see what I mean. How can I get round this issue or is it a bug? You’ll also notice that my file info is correct in naming the orchestra as the BBC Philharmonic whereas Roon thinks it is the BBC Philharmonic Brass

What is the actual file metadata for these sample tracks? A screenshot of this would be useful. Click on the File Tags link to display the file metadata contained in a track. This is what Roon should be using. Your first screenshot is just showing the filename of the tracks, not the actual metadata…

Here are screenshots of both ends of the file tags page with the relevant details hoghlighted together with what’s showing in Roon on the background.

Interesting. I found the album in TIDAL, and added it to my library. The TIDAL metadata matches what Roon displays:

So I take it that you have edited (in Roon or using a 3rd party metadata editor?) the title of the track? If you used a 3rd party editor, did you rescan the album in Roon? And it still isn’t reflecting your changes? If that’s the case, then it looks as though something definitely is odd. Over to @joel , I think…

When Roon identifies an album which has one or more multi-part compositions, the Roon metadata for the composition parts are displayed, not the track titles. This is as designed and is not a bug: your track titles are not being displayed, because Roon isn’t displaying track titles…

If you really want, you can (on an album by album basis, or using multi-album selection) choose additional options for preferring file metadata. Multi-Part Composition Grouping would be the one of relevance here. But you will lose all of Roon’s automated multi-part composition curation, and possibly lose compositions in the Roon data model as well.

Thanks for the clarification. I learn something new every day. Perhaps it’s a minor thing, but could you feed back to Rovi the change to the metadata to make the parts consistent (i.e. every movement to have a Roman numeral prefix)?



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Thanks Joel. That was what I was after. Disabling the multi-part composition curation gives me my file data exactly as I created it in MP3Tag. One thing though. How do I make this change globally. It appears that if I try to change more than one album at a time, the display of possible options changes and I’ve 2366 of them. I’d rather not have to do them one at a time! Thanks to all for the help in the meantime.


in windows, Ctrl-A selects everything you are focused on.

Thanks for that. The issue is not how to select all the albums however. It’s getting the “Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album” to appear when more than one album is selected that’s the problem. Can it be accessed globally?

What about if you have work/part info in the embedded metadata? Does Roon display the embedded info?

You mean, if you select 2 albums, go to edit, choose Meta data Preferences, Last line under Set Album preferences is Multi Part Compositions Prefer Roon Prefer File. Or are you talking about another setting.

Yes. There’s a “Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album” if you select one album at a time and go to “Edit Album” and if this is checked, my own metadata shows exactly as I want it to. If I only use the option you’ve suggested, it doesn’t. Can the “Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album” opting be accessed globally, even if it is done through the registry?

There’s not a global setting, but if you select more than one album at a time and “Edit”, you should be able to “Prefer File” on the Metadata Preferences tab.

In an album is unidentified, then Roon will display WORK/PART metadata from file tags automatically.

If an album is identified, Roon will display WORK/PART metadata from file tags if “Multi-Part Composition Grouping” is set to “Prefer File”.

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That only gives me the ability to make it prefer the file. I want to disable the multi-part compositions setting altogether, so it seems I’m going to have to do it one album at a time.

That’s correct, but it wasn’t designed for what you have in mind (de facto removal of a Roon feature).

I have had different experiences when doing that. I have had set Multi-Part Composition Grouping to prefer file and had mixed results of compositions from my file tags together with Roons compositions. Please see also my post back from last December.


This can’t be the whole story. I have many unidentified albums that could use my WORK/PART tags, but as soon as Roon is able to match it to an already existing composition, it will display this value instead of my file tag.

One of the CD’s from Serkins Sony Box (I kept the CD’s as separate albums).

Not identified. And this is in my files tags:


I did not do any manual merging of anything in this case. Roon seems to find a key like D 959 already existing and matches it. At least that’s how it looks to me…