Roon is installed and running. Where do you go to learn the app?

Firstly, sorry for the silly question but where do you go to learn how Roon app works?

I have a few CD albums converted to Flac and roon found those effortlessly, it found my Qobuz account easy. Essentially I don’t know a lot about music and am very much on a journey.

I have been watching a lot of John Darko videos on roon and it seemed like the software I wanted. I want to learn how to use the better search features and genre features to find new music to listen to so I can get a better list of favourite qobuz artists. Any tips?

I still plan on buying more CDs and converting to FLAC once I do the initial discover through roon/qobuz.

I’ve seen videos with people searching the catelogues by genre with pie charts and stuff.

How do you discover new artists and genres in roon?

Is there “radio” stations roon recommends based on an artist I like? Say Led Zepplin/Mercury Rev/Carey Bell as random examples.

Hopefully my question/ramblings make some sense :slight_smile:

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First stop is probably to browse around the Help Center articles…

Here you go…

But just start poking around. It’s pretty easy.

Thank you! I read the Getting Started but missed the Knowledge Base section! Doh

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But don’t forget to come here and ask questions afterwards. Everyone was new at some point.
Reading then asking is perfect.

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I think I might have the basics, essentially the real power in roon is having a large CD Flac album content, mixed with Tidal/Qobuz artist and album favourites.

No matter the source it seems to then centralise in your “Library” where I can then apply much more advanced filters and playlists, etc.

It does enhance Qobuz itself, it does have way better - similar artists, influenced by, which was the major attraction for a beginner guy like me.

So far, 2 hours in its awesome!


Yes, Qobuz needs roon as the front end to provide the missing “radio” type personalized play, too.

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, when something is playing in roon click/tap on the link to the album info. This brings up a display with rating, review, credits, etc. for that album.

But also notice over on the lower right side the “recommended for you” section. The recommendations are based on the currently playing album. (Be sure to click the “see more” link, too.) You will find a lot of cool related music, including some you may have forgotten about. You can click on those albums, read the review, add them to your library or not, look at the new “recommended for you” list those albums bring up, click on those, etc., repeat.

You can do that all day long and build up a personalized library just with a few clicks.

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I couldn’t find this on the windows app, will investigate tomorrow. However, I did get it sussed on the iphone app, great tip thank you!

Start with this thread: What we are listening to [2020]
Find something interesting, then search for it in Qobuz and check it out. If you like it, try something else by that artist or check out the Roon recommendations based on that album. There are any number of ways to explore.