Roon is just getting better and better

I’ve used Roon for 4 going on 5 five years. The service has just matured and gotten better and better. I appreciate everything the developers have done to make Roon so adept and ubiquitous on so many devices and services. Thank you so much for making my enjoyment of music so much better and helping me find new music. The DSP/EQ/Headroom Adjustment /convolution filter support, etc is badass. Multiroom support is excellent and even works rock solid on my RaspberryPi/Hifi-Berry. The indepth artist and album info is awesome. The ability to Chromecast to a TV or Nvidia Shield or Android TV works great and I love the scrolling lyrics. Roon’s ability to anticipate my tastes has helped me find so much music. I really love the way it intelligently backups and restores easily even on a different platform. It works on any platform and so easy to setup and use. It’s widespread support on so many devices makes it a household name and defacto standard these days. I love you guys and keep up the good work. I’m posting this on Twitter and Facebook and I really hope people will read this and do the same. Hats off to you Roon.

You make me smile everyday!

Because there’s Roon, I know there’s a God because he answered my prayers.


:slight_smile: :notes: