Roon is listing only one track for an album [Answered, FLAC+CUE]

I cant explain why roon is doing this, can you?

Roon lists track 2 of 10 only when I view one of my albums. according to roon this track is 36:12 mins long which if the timing of the whole album!

I pressed play and hey presto track one started playing followed by track 2 and so on.

I have 10 flac files in this album’s folder and no other player does this! :weary:


Have you tried any “self-help” steps to rectify this, such as: Rebooting the Roon core OR Roon edit album, re-identify?

If that does not work, try moving the 10 FLAC files to somewhere safe (that Roon is not watching), delete the album from Roon and perform a library cleanup.
Once done, move the files back into your library and let Roon import them from scratch again.

If that does not work, then please give details of your Roon setup: hardware, storage etc. and the details of the album you are having trouble with.

@support may wish to received a copy of it so they can perform some import tests with it.

Is it possible that it is a single flac file of the whole CD and after you have splitted it you still keep the original file in the same folder

Perhaps Roon treats the files as a composition. Can you post a screenshot of the album / tracks?

as you guessed it is a single file. why wont roon display the individual tracks as my jriver does?

Let’s quote @danny here:

More suggestions on CUE splitters here:

Thanks for the help with this issue.

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