Roon is losing my files when i shutdown

I’m using a mac air as roon core.
In another room, I have a mac mini connected to 3 external hard drives containing music.
When I shut down the air and reopen, roon loses all my music files and doesn’t reconnect to my mac mini and drives. I get the following error message:

“The device containing the media is not available or the folder has been deleted.”
Neither of which are true.
If I remove the link and reinstall the watched folders, roon rescans and all is good.
This is a severe pain.

Both computers are running El Cap.

Any solutions?

Can’t you run Roon on the mac mini and thus the files will be local to the Roon Core and then run Roon on your Mac Air.

Already considered that:
The problem is, I travel frequently and want to take Roon with me, but not my Mac mini and entire library.
There is no way to play Roon as remote on my Mac Air when I’m not connected to my network. This scenario happens quite frequently.

You can run Roon as a Remote on your Mac Air at home by pointing it to the Macmini Core and as a Core pointing to a local library on the Air when travelling. People at home won’t be able to use the Macmini as Core though while the Air is Core.

Hey @LELAND_LEARD – sorry for the trouble here. I tend to agree with @Rugby that things will be more reliable with the Core running on the same machine the drives are plugged into, but the setup you’re using should work.

When our 1.2 release goes live soon, there are some fixes related to network storage that may help, but if the issue persists let me know and we’ll take a closer look, ok?


Hi Andy,

Good suggestion. I didn’t know it was so easy to move roon core. If I opt for this method, will I have to add the folders containing music each time to the new core, or will roon save all that information and all I need to do is simply enter my license number on the new core computer and switch the previous core to remote?


Thanks Mike. I’ll see how it works with 1.2.

I have discovered a simple workaround. As long as I quit roon core on the mac air prior to closing the screen to put the air to sleep it works fine. The hassle being, the added step of shutting down roon each time I close the screen and having to restart each time I want to listen.


I believe that the database on the Air which will be created when it is Core will retain info about the library on the Air, but I have no personal experience so that is just a guess. Let’s drop a flag for @danny who is wise in the ways of multiple Cores and may be able to confirm or advise otherwise.

This is good info @LELAND_LEARD, thanks. Can you let @vova and I know how you have this set up:

How are the drives added on the Air? Mapped drives? IP addresses?

Let us know – we’re going to try and mimic your setup and see if we’re able to reproduce this.

Hi Mike,

It worked quitting the core for a couple of days and then it stopped working and shows that the files on the mac mini are no longer available or have been deleted. Back to the drawing board…

The drives on the core (air) and mini (remote) were mapped not IP addressed.


1.2 release is out and there were a lot of changes made to how Roon handles the storages, please take the update and let us know how it goes.

FYI: I’d recommend you to try adding each drive as a network folder in Roon.