Roon is no longer seeing my QNAP NAS

I am running
Mac Book Pro OS 10.12.5
Roon 1.3
Roon core on QNAP 1.0.1
Arris SBG 6900

The system was working fine then I updated the software on the QNAP and now Roon does not see the QNAP. I can access the QNAP from finder and Qfinder.

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Thanks Eric
I am new at this so I thought I was on the community site, so sure move it over. The QNAP has vanished from Roon. I can see it in my finder and Qfinder but not Roon. Here is a screen shot of my Storage tab.

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Hi @Steve_Child ---- Thank you for the follow up and allowing me to make this public topic, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, it looks like the screenshot is cutoff, would you kindly resupply.


Hi @Steve_Child,
The latest QNAP OS (QTS version 4.3+) had some changes that prevented the early .qpkg from starting.

Please go to your qnap web administration, open the QNAP App Center and uninstall your current installed RoonServer and reinstall it by using the current .qpkg version. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Your current database will not be touched by this procedure and RoonServer should pick it up directly after it has been reinstalled.

My initial reply was in regard to the first post:

Your screenshot indicate you have the core now on your Mac.
Is this just because you currently can’t connect to the QNAP?

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Roon thinks my laptop is the core because it can not see the QNAP. I am having trouble installing the new Roon software on the QNAP. Here is a screen shot.

Ah, I see.
You can remove those entries again from that screen.
QNAP has moved the manual app installation in the App Center of QTS 4.3. You can manually install an app by clicking on this icon (next to the gear icon):

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I have installed the Roon software on the QNAP. My music is there and it appears to be playing but no sound out of the speakers. I have 2 Roon systems, one in Utah one in San Francisco, both with QNAPS. I never use them at the same time. I am now in San Francisco, perhaps Im connected to the Utah QNAP?

Sounds like good progress.

Check in Roon’s Settings–> Audio to double check it is as you would expect.

Then make sure you have selected the right zone, for the audio device you wish to use.

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Also check the following setting:

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