Roon is not always convincing in the metadata test

There are artists who are played a billion times. One of them is Felix Jähn from Hamburg.

He makes a lot of connections with other artists through his remixes, how does Roon do with imaging and metadata?

The big brother from Sweden can’t keep up with that

also many of the contributing artists are well illustrated

For this support we say thank you to the Roon Team

…but some parts still need to be worked on…

This metadata is wrong, our Nea is from Sweden and also writes for such great artists as Zara Larsson

It is not enough for an artist picture, although all music services offer it.

This track has been on the market since 2019 and even the remix with Felix came already in January 2020!



The cause lies in AllMusic (Rovi/Tivo), which fails as a data provider for such a billion-dollar runner.

Does AllMusic do better with really old No. 1 hits?

Oh that’s supposed to be Eddie Fisher with a 50s hit?

born 1973 and member of OneRepuplic?

You can do better than that!

Here, too, things could be better…

totally inappropriate recommendation

the some reasons are again obvious…

What does Qobuz show?

Can Roon continue to rely on AllMusic?