Roon is not connecting to Apple TV properly

Roon Core Machine

Apple MacBook Pro 14" M1 Max processor, 64 GB RAM, Mac OS 13.0.1 (current)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

MacBook Pro connects to LinkSys router over WiFi, Apple TV connects to router via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

No connected audio devices

Number of Tracks in Library

13,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon version 2.0 (build 1148) (current), using “Settings” > “Audio” to “Enable” various target endpoints (to use over AirPlay 2, at this time), all HomePod & HomePod Mini devices enable and perform just fine, but when I try to Enable my Apple TV (Apple TV 4K running tvOS 16.1 - current), when I click the “Enable” button the Apple TV displays the 4-digit code on the Apple TV connected TV/display and presents a dialog to type the 4-digit code into the Roon dialog, but when I type that 4-digit code into that dialog and click “OK” the Roon interface appears to react as if the connection occurred and the Apple TV is now enabled for Roon, but the 4-digit code remains on the Apple TV connected TV/display as if the connection handshake did not complete properly. Attempting to play music from Roon to that “enabled” Apple TV results in the “pause” indicator immediately returning to the “play” indicator, the waveform/timeline indicator does not advance, no music plays - Roon clearly cannot communicate to play music to that Apple TV. I have tried disabling and re-enabling multiple times, same result each time. I do not know if this is a known issue with Roon on Mac OS Ventura or with Roon interacting with tvOS 16.1. That Roon had no issue enabling any of the HomePod units throughout the house and playing to them tells me this is not a general Roon configuration problem, but appears to be specific to Roon trying to enable and then connect to and play to the Apple TV.

@Edward_Gilbert, have you tried the approach listed in this link:

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