Roon is not displaying music files on a second HDD

Roon core is this PC - DESKTOP-G22G84B, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.79 GHz, installed RAM 64GB
ROON 1 HDD 8 TB with 6,6TB used for music files (only) - 249774 tracks imported
ROON 2 HDD 6 TB with 4.3TB used for music files (only)

This constitutes a library of over 21,000 albums recognised by Roon BUT Roon now fails to display music files from HDD ROON 2. I tried disabling this HDD and connecting to a backup - same result, no display. A reboot of Roon failed to rectify the problem. I’ll post this and try a Windows 10 reboot.

AFTER W10 Reboot (and the latest upgrade is installed) :
No change. Roon has finished scanning the ROON 2 drive and reports 83,350 tracks imported, BUT none are being displayed from that HDD.

I’ve cleaned up the library but that has not helped either, I just attempted yet another reboot of Roon but still no display of ROON 2 music.

To me it looks like a fault with Roon, not with the HDD as it is not causing PC problems and Roon is obviously accessing it with the total number of albums displayed being the sum of the two HDDs (the scan is now finished with Roon showing a total album count of 21,096 BUT no display of any album cover from that second HDD.

With all scanning of the two drives completed, another reboot of Roon was performed but still no display of music from ROON 2.

However, when I invoked Shuffle, it first played a track from ROON 2 HDD but after that I could not get it to play from ROON 2 HDD. I later did get a shuffle on ROON 2 but it obviously preferred tracks on ROON 1. Although the cover from the ROON 2 album displayed as usually expected, the back arrow up top —=> ROON 1 album covers only on display.


Everything is confused by the reinstallation of the second HDD so I’m now doing a restore from the backup 2 days ago. Some albums are now displaying but incorrectly - it is a frustrating mess.

:blush:THE RESTORE DID THE TRICK… Apart from a couple of missing album covers it all seems back to how it should be.

Anyone know what was going on - with a particular slant on knowing how to avoid the current waste of time for the future?


Thank you for getting in touch, sorry to hear of your difficulties initially. I’m unsure what might have happened but I’m also happy to hear that your were able to get you HDD back online with a backup restore.