Roon is not finding songs in my library

I have multi level setup for my music

MyMusic folder

  • Band name
    – titles
  • Xbox
    • Purchased
      • band name

Roon only finds the top level albums and titles (under band name). Non of the Xbox purchased songs. I tried pointing directly to the Purchased folder with no success.

Please help

– WW

What format are the XBox titles?

WMA by any chance? Roon does not support that format.

Yep that is the reason. No WMA support? You must be kidding me…

WMA is an proprietary format and is effectively obsolete and has been overtaken by other formats. Just convert them to FLAC and move on

Luckily I also got JRiver and its easy conversion feature. If JRiver can support WMA, I am surprised that Roon cannot (proprietary or not).

Thx for the hints.
– WW

WW, You shouldn’t be surprised. Roon’s scarcest resource is time. “We support WMA” won’t win new customers as well as, say, “we support MQA”.