Roon is not importing Album

I recently acquired Yello – Toy, in Flac and Roon is not importing this album.

I have Roon installed on my Mac Mini and the album file is on an external SSD.

I wonder why???

What do you see here?:

Settings–>Library–>Skipped Files

I have the same problem and it’s not in the slipper folder.


No files have been skipped

Is Roon setup to scan the directory the music files are in on the external SSD?


Yes!. I have 595 albums in the same condition and they are all imported correctly.
Only Yello has the problem.

Managed to solve?

No. The problem remains.

Will the Product Manager be able to solve the problem? What do you think?

Charles_Gregg. What album were you unable to import?

Force a rescan, as an experiment to see if that makes a difference.

I’ve had albums that wouldn’t import until I forced a rescan. Dunno why.

What is the exact name of one of the files…including the extension?


I already did that and it didn’t work.

Thank you!


This Mac>HD>FlacMusic>Yello>Toy[48kHz · 24bit]>02-Limbo.flac

Roon has trouble with special characters, so not sure about that hyphen.

As an experiment, take out the hyphen and maybe that will make a difference.

Hello xxx!

I’ve done that too and it didn’t work. I renamed the folders with simple names, no special characters and nothing.

I have other albums with the same name configuration, with special characters and the import is ok.

Thank you!

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And you are certain the files are not corrupt?

I had an issue importing some FLAC files into another music software recently. Checking the file size in Finder in MacOS, they seemed to be the correct file size, but upon a closer inspection, all files which gave me issues were corrupted.

If you are on a mac computer, do an inspection (CMD+i I believe) in Finder and check if you see anything weird if you haven’t done so already. Or try importing them into any other software and see if you get issues.

Are you certain that it’s not imported? Perhaps it is imported but just incorrectly identified or tagged? If you search in Roon for the song “limbo”, does it appear?

I have had a few issues like this in the past. Never was there an obvious reason why Roon didn’t import files but one thing I always did before trying a different approach was to clean the database each time before making any changes to foldernames etc. Sometimes a complete retype of the foldername will fix it or just use a similar name - but retype the whole name. Alternatively create a new folder and copy all the tracks to that.

EDIT: I did once or twice have a very strange permissions issue whereby Roon couldn’t access/read the files (this will be in your Roon logs as an error message). No idea why this was but I had to remove them from the watched folder, correct the permissions on a WIN10 PC then copy back to the watched folder.

Thank you Martin_Friberg

I tested the files in other players (audirnana, JRiver) and they are all ok.

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Thank you Tony

I did exactly what you are suggesting and it didn’t work.