Roon is not playing

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS920, Celeron J4125

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

NAD M10 V2; Matrix mini Pro 3; KEF LSX

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I recently ecounterred a issue from playing music, I am runing roon core on a Synology DS920.
I used to push music to all my devices without any issue, after less using Roon for around last 2 months, when I start to play it more frequent these days, I found the playing always be stuck, from the client side I can see the music is selected on playing, but the progress bar never move. the first play is OK in 90% of the cases, the problem happens uaually after swithed to a new ablum or a new music.
As said, I did not have this issue about 3 months ago, I added around 3,000 tracks during these 3 months, wondering if this made the core reaching out to uplimit capacity?

thanks in advance!

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Hi @Wilson_Wei welcome to the community and I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems (I am a community member not Roon support).

Is your core device connected directly to your router with an ethernet cable? If not you can experience erratic behaviour with Roon.
6199 tracks is small number, the core has a pretty good specification and should be able to cope easily with that number of tracks.
Also, are your core & clients using the most recent version of Roon apps?

Roon often struggles with a NAS installation , the processor on your NAS looks a bit “Weak”, also does it have an SSD where the library is stored or an HDD ? Also @PixelPopper remark about ethernet , wi fi will add to your woes . Roon is a bit (read LOT) demanding of hardware …

Maybe read

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thanks!all my devices are cable connected.
I think the same 6199 is not too much, trying now to install a PC based core then see what happens

Thanks! I am trying to install a new core on a PC, but on point you made - I did not have the library installed on the SSD, went by default it was on the HDD. This might be the reason?

Roon certainly recommend (nigh on insist) on using an SSD for the library db , there are many accounts here of users trying to use an HDD with very mixed , mostly poor results. That would be a definite first stab for me , followed rapidly by eliminating ANY wi fi connections except for the remote app.

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Hi @Wilson_Wei,

Were you able to restore playback with the steps above? We just want to confirm, since you experienced a longer than usual wait time for a staff response as we worked through our queue. Thank you!

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