Roon is not responding after latest update. Rebooting not successful

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)


Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wifi thru Frontier

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

HP 4540s Probook running Win10 usb to smsl su-8.

Description Of Issue

No response to commands at startup. Just started after update.

Hi @Gregory_Cole,

Is there any change after rebooting your Core machine?

Roon appears to load fine, but not all of the endpoints will load. My sonos is the only one which comes/stays up. I get a rotating circle where the cursor should be and the computer says Roon not responding.

Hello @Gregory_Cole and welcome to the community! What other endpoints aren’t loading? How are they connected to the core? This also start happening since the update?

Also could you elaborate on your network setup? What router you’re using, any switches, etc.?

My router is a Fios G1100. I am using a TP Link TL-SG108 switch. Sonos and lg phone endpoints connected thru wi-fi. Those that won’t load now are smsl su-8 and my lg g7 smart phone. Sonos remains loaded. The smsl dac is connected via usb from laptop.

Thanks for looking into my problem. First time I’ve had one in two years. Marty

Hi Nuwriy:

A complete hard reboot fixed the problem. I had to let the internal battery drain out for the hard reboot to occur since my core is on my laptop. Thanks, Marty

Maybe I spoke too soon. My smsl su-8 dac now loads, but my lg g7 smart phone does not show as an endpoint. Everything working fine except for that.

Thanks, Marty

To be clear, while my g7 shows up as a remote and I can use it to control Roon on my core machine, it does not show up as an endpoint to stream music to. Odd?

Hello @Gregory_Cole,

Can you send me a screenshot of “Settings>Audio”? Also, are you trying to use the G7 as an endpoint while using it as a remote? Is the phone set up as a private zone?

I have used it both ways as a remote for another dac, as a remote for g7 as endpoint, and as simply an endpoint. All worked fine at first, but it seems to continue to lose functionality on all fronts. I first lost control as an endpoint connected to another dac about 9 months ago. Then, just recently I lost the ability to listen to Roon on my phone thru earphones. It will still work as a remote to other endpoints. I have sent a few screenshots of my phone which you requested.

Thanks for your help in sorting this out. Marty

Here are additional screenshots.

This is a screenshot of my zones where g7 not showing up anymore

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