Roon is occasionally causing this PC to freeze - do I need more RAM?

This PC houses an ASUS Z87-PRO with 16GB of memory. Is the freeze problem when using Roon a bug in Roon or is it caused by insufficient memory?

I see I’m not Robinson Crusoe with this problem but it is annoying so I’ll get more memory if necessary. But maybe that is not the reason for the freezing?

Advice please.



Hi John,

16 GB is more than enough memory for Roon to do everything it can and more. Adding RAM is not the solution.

Do you notice the freezing outside Roon ? If so, I would suggest running a RAM test.

If the freezing only occurs in Roon then the @support devs will be along shortly to collect logs and find out what is causing it.

Thanks for responding Andrew

Yes, it is when using Roon, and when I’m not doing any particular editing in it. The freeze appears out of the blue, often when I’m simply scrolling to a new window.

I periodically clean out past junk so please advise (possibly in some detail) where to locate the data about a crash so I can copy and preserve it to forward when log records are requested.


The logs are kept in a sub-directory of the Roon folder.

Good, then they will be there in the backups. I’m backing up on a 16GB chip daily at the moment as I’m doing a lot of editing - mainly tagging all albums. So there will always be 3 consecutive days of BU available and there will be a record of yesterdays crash on last nights BU.