Roon is overpriced & unstable for me

Roon is overpriced, unstable rubbish. Save your money and find an alternative. I’m running through a 10K system and ROCK works when it feels like it, continual restarts. I’m a network engineer by trade so before you criticise I know what I’m doing. If ur paying this kind of money I expect stability and Roon does not provide


Something is wrong, whether you are a network engineer or not. My ROCK crashed literally never in 3 years and was running 24/7, same for my remotes on Android and iOS, and my Mac remote crashed twice in one year (before that I used the Windows remote on Linux, so that doesn’t count)


Roon has worked perfectly for me for 4 years. I run Roon servers on Roon Nucleus, Apple Mac Mini (late 2014), and Dell XPS 15 laptop running Windows 11. Maybe it’s because I am not a network engineer.

As far as price, Roon is not cheap, but I purchased three lifetime subscriptions for three different reasons with no regrets, and I am relatively frugal.

PS: Roon works well on a $1K system, $10K system, or $100K system if the network is adequate and everything is set up correctly.

It’s really not fair to bash Roon if you’ve never once asked for help in almost four years.


Ask @support for help, you can sort it out

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I am a Brain Surgeon, part time Physicist and a Network Engineer to boot. I am also studying to be an Elephant Trainer and I am a Horse Whisperer.

Whoops, sorry, this is the internet and I can say anything I like just to get a reaction (and be anything I like from behind my screen).

Roon has its fair share of frustrating issues but I have two ROCK Cores (one is a MOCK) and they do not, or as yet, have not suffered from the issues you describe. But I can see why Roon could make you angry, I have felt the same way at times and it usually turned out to be network related issues.

Maybe ask for some help from fellow users.


I’m a bit disappointed by this…

It should be written like this If you are paying or If you’re paying


Hi @Ian_Mason

Welcome to the Roon Community, it’s good to have you onboard.

I’m just a fellow Roon user who paid for a lifetime subscription last year. Money well spent I feel.


On a serious note, I’ve had a few niggles with Roon recently but a quick chat amongst the forum and contacting Roon support sorted me out.

If you have issues and don’t contact support in the support section of this forum then your feedback is unjust feedback.

What are the specs of you Roon core?

What exactly are you experiencing?

A good or bad network isn’t likely to cause your core to crash or be unstable, but a bad SSD or failed RAM could.

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Marathon? :running_man:


As a network engineer, you should know that if 98% of us are OK and stable then 2% of us have a fault, and a fault is fixable. At least let us know what is wrong so we can make suggestions. I was using ROCK on the end of a 4G router in a hotel at the weekend. Conditions were quite challenging but it worked.



You apparently joined these forums in 2020 and are only posting now for the first time? How long have you been attempting to use Roon?

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I am an absolute nobody! I have had two Roon Cores with individual licenses on two different QNAP NAS for five years now and Roon has and continues to work great! You definitely have something ‘not right’.

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3 Roon servers on different locations, Roon user for the last 6 years. Occasional issues, always resolved. Roon works as well or better than any other software I use. I’ve been in the business for decades and I use a lot of different stuff.

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If Roon doesn’t work for you and your situation it’s okay not to use it, if it is too expensive for you it’s okay not to use it; but as with many things in life its better to show a little humility and just admit it’s not for you rather than lashing out.

I hope that you find an alternative that works well for you, go well.


Overpriced?: subjective.
Unstable?: I’ve been using roon for six years now without any problems.
Rubbish?: plenty on here will disagree.

Maybe it would be better if you described your problems so that we can help you.

You might be a software engineer but I bet you a Pound to a pinch of sh*t that it’s network related.


The only instability I have experienced with Roon is with Roon ARC, and I do suspect the instability to be from the lack of radio range for the 3/4/5G system of the cellphone provider.

I’m not sure for how long I have had my subscription, since 2019 perhaps?

Then again if you want something that is 100% stable; not sure it will take DSD though: Music Player Daemon - Wikipedia

But then again I bought Roon in order to have the vinyl cover-like listening experience on an iPad 12 Pro; a layer between what Tidal, Spotify and other sources can provide* and my listening experience; the related pictures, for my own vinyl RIPs I have like 8 - 25 pictures for each album. There is lyrics; in which helps me understand each song better as I’m not a native English speaker. I also enjoy the editorial stuff about each album and each artist.

*( limited to: artist name, album name, track name, and the length of the provided audio track )

So OK here is the info, see if you can prove my comments wrong. Running Roon ROCK latest build on an Intel NUC Core i5, 8GB RAM. Library size 500GB ish all on external usb NvME SSD. Connected to network via Netgear Gigabit switch which has a direct link to FritzBox router. Same network switch goes direct to my iMac. Will run fine if left to its own devices playing an album, if playback is stopped ROCK will stop responding a little while after and require a cold restart of the NUC to come back. ROCK Server status will show Server is running fine but asking for a reboot from web interface shows communication has been lost and server is not responding to restart request. Roon on the iMac frequently freezes. Roon ROCK is connected via USB to a Chord Quest DAC and out to my hi-fi. I note that this had disappeared this morning from being available in Audio devices and had to be re-enabled. At this point I’m regretting moving from physical media. My system was way more stable allowing my iMac to act as a Server rather than using ROCK, although I can’t say it was ever that stable and the app frequently crashes. Mac is running Ventura 13.6.1 and is a 2017 model. Any advice?

Sorry, but are you storing local music files on the m.2 SSD? In a ROCK system? You really should not do this. Use an internal 2.5" drive (if your NUC model has the space for it) or USB drives attached to the NUC

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External Nvme via usb holds data. Internal nvme only holds ROCK.

What the frog? I run files in my Roon VM server and over NFS, no issues what so ever. I do not have Roon Rock though; I have a SuperMicro X11SSH-F w/NetApp over SAS, running Joyent SmartOS w/Roon Server running in a BHYVE w/Ubuntu for running Roon Server, in which has volumes mounted and Tidal logged in.

# zonememstat
                                 ZONE  RSS(MB)  CAP(MB)  NOVER  POUT(MB) SWAP%
 62e7b94c-9e2f-e090-e3d5-d6545530d62c        3     9472      0         0 0.0400853

3 used of 9472 MB RAM available for this BHYVE zone.

 10:02:52 up 114 days,  2:34,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

I was talking about a ROCK setup. In this case you should NOT use the m.2 SSD to store music files.

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