FFS!!! It is unbearable. No other playback software takes over 2 minutes to refresh a frigging page!

What device are you using to run Roon?

mac mini 2012 i7 quad, 16GB ram, 250GB SSD (where Roon db sits), 4TB HD with local files. Machine is NEVER topped off, max use is about 10-20%. I am also not running DSP of any sort. DAC is a dCS Rossini over network.

Machine has a minimal Catalina install, turned off most services, only runs Roon.

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You mean why is your Roon setup so painfully slow?

Mine is wicked fast. So, there must be some issue with something in your setup. Is it your network? Is it your Mac Mini? What troubleshooting have you done? Just complaining isn’t going to solve the problem.

When I hit Overview it can sometimes take two minutes to show. I have about 17,000 albums at this point. Search is similar. Not all the time though, sometimes it is responsive but sometimes it gets in a mood and it’s very frustrating.

I have a gigabit network. The Rossini is connected to the mini directly. No there’s no problem there.

Also, I am complaining to see if there is something Roon is doing that it should not. I have noticed higher activity lately even when not playing anything.

Hi @miguelito,

I’m not sure if you’re just venting here or want support, if it’s the latter let me know and I’ll move over your topic to the #support section of the site.

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Support please, or an explanation. Yes move it please.

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That’s now down for you, let’s see if Roon’s @support team can get to the bottom of this for you.

IMO, Roon has memory leaks which could manifest as what you’re experiencing.

I suppose you’ve rebooted.

Thank you.

Yes, I’ve rebooted. It would not be totally surprising that there are memory issues - this is clearly the cause of crashes on iPhones.

Also, I keep my Roon core machine extremely clean, I check the disks often (Disk Utility -> First Aid) and I have removed most (all?) services that should not be running (eg Spotlight). So it is not my hardware.

Hi @miguelito — The next time you see slow loading please let us know what time it occurs and what page you’re seeing it on. We’ll enable diagnostics and take a look.

Thx @dylan. The one page that oftentimes is slow is the Overview page. Sometimes it isn’t but sometimes (like yesterday) it basically was roon-beachballing (what I am calling the animated Roon icon) for a few minutes.

Like I said before, I very much doubt this is a hardware problem as my computer is rarely running at 10% CPU load.

I have had this happen a lot recently for no reason. It just decides to take 30 secs or more to load up an album or overview. This is not hardware or local network. Been here before when they switched to 1.6 and the cloud and it was Roons end. At this time of Roon slowness to refresh remotes ( windows or mobile/tablet Roon is happily streaming music. Kids are watching Netflix and I can do everything else fine on every device, yet Roon is slow, then wham its back and all good. I am sure this is cloud server issues again as it does seem to happen when the US wakes up.


The intermittence of the issue is in line with the cause being a server Roon is trying to connect to. I have a pretty reliable 400 mbps internet connection. So the issue is not on my end.

Next time it does it look in the logs I bet you find an entry with a search return time or update.

Thanks for the additional details, @miguelito. The Overview definitely relies on communications with our servers more than some others, so I agree that it’s likely related to that communication as opposed to an issue with hardware.

The next time it happens let me know and we can check both our servers and diagnostics from your account so we can get a better sense of what it might be.

Can you also confirm what DNS your network is using?

My unifi gateway is telling me which is itself so I can’t quite tell.

But regardless, I have never ever had delays with any apps/web access. My ping time is about 10ms.

@dylan may be on to something. I suggest you try Cloudflare for your DNS:

It’s super fast and secure. See this link.

There may be another reason for the sluggishness of your Roon experience but changing the DNS might give you a better overall experience.

@miguelito — It looks like is associated with Cisco Umbrella

I haven’t seen many reports of how this works, but I can say that we have seen problems recently stemming from Comcast DNS, and switching to Google/Cloudflare improved things dramatically for those affected.

It’s a bit early to say for sure if this is it, we can wait until the next instance and we can check the diagnostics report.