Roon is reporting - Metadata Improver halted

I will be waiting for your conclusions

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Hi @Tom_Russell,

Our team has been looking into this and similar reports and what we’ve found is that this seems to be stemming from something on the Core or network that is blocking the Core’s connection to our servers. This might be firewall, antivirus, VPN, or even a VOIP system.

Do you have anything like this on your network? If you have a different machine that you can use temporarily as your Core does it exhibit the same issue when the current Core is in this state?

I had the same problem.
For me the solution was to re-enable IPV6.

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It is very strange !
Why Roon Core needs MTA service running?
Today, I’ve encountered same problem after disabling exim4 MTA service under Debian !
I had to re-enable it to solve the problem !

Yes I have VOIP

Hi @Tom_Russell — Has this continued happening for you consistently since your last message? How often does it occur?

The adding music message says complete. The METADATA improver is still halted. This happens whenever I bring my music server out of standby.

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Hi @Tom_Russell,

How long does this last after bringing it out of standby?

Are you switching from one Core to another, or is this the only Core being used?

It is the only core

Thanks for confirming. How long does this last after bringing it out of standby?

It doesn’t go away

Hi @Tom_Russell,

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.


When trying to send a shared file on dropbox it asks for your email address

Hi @Tom_Russell — You should have the option to share as a link instead of via email. If you’re not seeing this option just let us know and we can send an alternative method via PM.

I am not showing that link

Hello @Tom_Russell, sending you a PM now.

No matter what I try when I try to send the zip log files even to Newry I get a message saying that subsystem has failed