Roon is reporting: Transport couldn't connect to HQ player [Resolved]

I’m trying the Roon free on my PC (Windows) and it Works with my library on NAS.
i have downloaded roon to my Ipad to work as a command but, after presenting the files on the core in the PC if I try to send a command to play it gives a notice: " transport couldn’t connect to HQ player.
Can you help?

Hi @Joaquim_Sousa,

Do you have the HQ Player software installed?
I’m going to assume not, in which case I think this is a configuration error.

In Roon, did you click on “add network device” --> HQPlayer … (and named it as a zone) in which case this will have configured Roon to use HQPlayer as a network zone. Thus Roon is now attempting to communicated with the HQPlayer software which I’m assuming you don’t have installed.

If my assumption is right, then you need to remove this zone from Roon, but it does beg the question what you were trying to achieve by doing so. If you let us know the specifics then we can point you in the right direction.

If you’re not aware of it, The Roon Knowledge Base is also a great source of “how to” information.

PS Just a thought, are you aware that the iPad can only be use to control Roon, at present at least it is not possible to your the iPad as an audio zone with Roon.

HI again,

Thanks, you were right, I had HQPlayer added in the settings.

Now it Works.