Roon is showing deleted albums as new?

I have a really really funny problem… I don’t know why but once roon was showing me some albums as new… I didn’t remember that I added them … so I deleted them directly. Next day the same albums roon is showing me again as new… i deleted them again… and next day the same… I tried to delete them with roon and tidal and it happens again… every time the same albums … some Israel music … any idea ??

Your own or Tidal/Qobuz?


Please try to clean up the library.
That’s in Settings | Library


Maybe you should change your password for Tidal and/or Qobuz.

Is this only with Tidal or local files also?
If with local files: does the path where your audio files are located / folder that is monitored by roon have a recycle bin?
If so, roon will add them back to your library once they land in the bin.
I experienced this on a synology NAS a couple of days ago.
Disabling the bin solved the issue.