Roon is simply unusable for classical collectors

I have literally hundreds (probably closer to 1000) of Albums messed up like this. No way I‘ll manually fix them. Roon is simply unusable for classical collectors.

And Roon doesnt seem to care at all.


If you have close to 1,000 albums messed up, then I suspect that you’ve been curating your own albums for many years, and have a file and folder organisation that Roon is unable to make any sense of.

That’s not to say that Roon is perfect - but to say that Roon is simply unusable for classical collectors is hyperbole, IMO.


All other browsing-systems I use (UPNP / openHome based) do make sense out of my way of organising my collection - actually pretty much in line with what Roon itself dscribes on its “how to” pages I am not messing that up just to make it fit into Roon - and then have two non-functioning systems…

To start with, Roon does not understand that “Sinfonie Nr. 5 d-moll” might be identical to “Symphony No. 5 in D Minor” - Which is a task most 6 year olds would easily accomplish.

So, yes, no doubt. Roon is a total mess if it comes to classical music. I am by far not the only one saying that.


Please find the composition Bach Mathew Passion. Roon shows 1203 possibilities from Qobuz. Only a few of these Results are actually performances of the whole composition which is around 3 hours long. Most are of odd arias or chorales, often individual tracks from the same album. There is no way of just showing performances of the full composition.

Please tell me how and why you think this is not unusable?


Great examples, I have tons of such situations. I give you another one:

If you have a collection of say 3 violin concertos by different composers performed by one artist on one CD. Roon lists something like this (if you are lucky enough that it found something in its database:

Violin Concerto No. 1 in d-minor

  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D

  • part 1
  • part 2

Violin Concert No 2 in G

  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3

From that listing, you have no idea which of the concertos is by which composer.

  • Was the first one Shostakovich, or was it Prokofiev?
  • What about the second? Must be Alban Berg, because it only has two movements… Or not?
  • And what was the third again. ■■■■■ I forgot…

You get a sense of the non-sense that Roon makes out of such a situation, a very common one with artist compilations performing works from various composers.

Put that bl%$§dy composer name in front of that work!!! Cant be that difficult.


It is a pain - like all other music databases I have come across - as the world revolves around ‘tracks’ (not compositions) and ‘performers’ (not composers). I really don’t see this changing and you simply have to ‘suck it up’.
My current classical Roon catalogue runs at around 4500 albums (the vast majority being Qobuz streamed links) and I find it to be manageable with most searches finding what I want. However, I used to have a number of ripped CDs that I simply could not be bothered re-tagging. It was easier to find the Qobuz version and replace it. You might want to take that approach? Qobuz really is a superb online library for classical music and I have saved £s by not buying the CDs.

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I hesitate to step in here and i don’t want to divert the thrust of these arguments, but for this particular example, I don’t see that. I see

Have I misunderstood?


I am also quite vocal about this but I have currently only a handful of Albums unidentified , Box Set are another thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How are you seeing that example I assume you are talking Mendelssohn or Shostakovich

I have 10 Recordings of Mendelssohn roughly 50 50 in the track names by

Sinfonie nr. 5 D-Dur; op. 107 “Reformations”: I. Andante - allegro con fuoco

Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, Op. 107: I. Andante. Allegro con fuoco

Roon shows them all as

Symphony No.5 in D major/D minor (“Reformation”), Op.107

Confused ??? Perhaps some screenshots of your issue ?

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The differentiation between Whole Work and parts eg Arias , the Passion you quote are still an outstanding issue that has been ventilated

In “My Other Library” I have a Genre Opera then a Sub Genre , Opera (Full), Aria , Overture etc so I can separate the complete Opera (Choral Work etc)

You must have something very wonky

This is a Decca Double , Great Violin Concertos, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius & Mendelssohn

Each Work header shows te Composer

Sorry replied before I saw @brian reply …

Maybe show us some examples where you are struggling, we’re all here to help


Here just one example. I have hundreds more of similar situations, be it Violin concertos, piano concertos, cello sonatas, all the same. No composer to see what work we are talking about.

All I can tell from looking at the picture is that it contains Stravinsky and Prokofiev. But which is which ?? And then some people here firmly announce: Roon works for classical music??? Come on!

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This has been an “outstanding issue” for at least as long as I have had a subscription - way over a year. No formal acknowledgment, no indication of any intention to fix it. At which point It is close to insulting to be told it is an “outstanding issue”. Why not just call it a permanent feature?

Your solution for your own library is of no value for sifting composition results from Qobuz. A simple filter based on length would go a long way to making the results usable.

Well I wont wait that long, if such basics will not get fixed pretty swiftly, I’ll ask for an 11 month refund of my annual subscription. This is a bad joke.

Do you have settings > General > Show composer credits set up OK?


Where? I can just set Composer sorting (I have by last name). Participating Composers (whatever that means…) is set to “Standard” .

Should this be something else?, if so what?

Many thanks.

I tend to rely on the folder organization and naming of the artist and album artist with the metadata. I found the best thing I ever did was to setup an easel and then take pictures of album covers for all the jazz and classical albums - there’s simply too many variations on the same piece.

No matter what music player I use, I can always go by composer, conductor or soloist as well as the cover art. Mind you, that was many hundreds of album covers but you only have to do it once.

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Is this a local copy or a streamed one

I don’t have that recording but Tidal does and it shows Composer

Try Clicking the 3 Dots on the first track and View File Info then File Tags and see if there is a Composer Tag

Its not at all uncommon for the Composer Tag to be empty

Also Try

Settings> General > Show Composer Credits - set to Always

Do you have access to a Tag Editor , Possibly correct the Composer tag if it needs it ?

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In Settings…

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No Streaming, local library.

Setting composer to “Always” helps. It now shows the composer. Why is this hidden away in a place nobody finds?

One small piece of the puzzle fixed. Thanks

Now, How do I get compositions to get recognised in a meaningful way? I also have many cases where each Part of a given composition is listed as a separate composition…
I fixed some manually by merging compositions, but this is not something I plan to do for thousands of compositions.

To give you an idea of the scale of the issue:
In my UpnP Control point I get 8.034 compositions in my collection. Roon says I have 22.262 compositions. Now, my tagging is not totally perfect, but the 8000 is certainly much closer to the truth than the 22.000.

I am not going to fix manually 14.000 “redundant” compositions…

You must have changed it. It is set to Default by default!
Which means Classical (and Jazz) always get composers

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