Roon is skipping tracks on Qobuz, locally stored music when streaming over netwotrk

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini, M1, 8GB RAM, macOS 12.1. Music library is on a LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt RAID system.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Wifi four-node network, Mac Mini running Roon core is connected via Ethernet to Google Wifi router

Connected Audio Devices

iFi Micro iDSD BL, connected via USB to Mac Mini running Roon Core
NAD C 658 connected via Ethernet to Google Wifi access point

Number of Tracks in Library

34,116 tracks

Description of Issue

When I ask Roon to stream an album to my NAD C 658, it takes several seconds for playback to start, and after a couple of seconds, playback stops, and Roon skips to the same track. This happens with locally stored music and with Qobuz. This does not happen if I use the Qobuz client in BluOS to stream the same albums to the C 658. And it does not happen if I play music (from Qobuz or locally stored) through the iFi Micro iDSD BL.

Hi @Gordon_Brockhouse,

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had some difficulty playing local and streaming music in Roon. In checking your system stats it looks like some of your devices are running older builds of Roon. Let’s start by having you update all your devices so they’re running the most current builds of Roon.

After updating please also ensure that your NAD C 658 is on the latest firmware. As this behavior seems to only occur on the NAD we’ll begin our investigation with that device.

Are you getting any error messages in Roon when these track drops and skips occur? We’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as soon as we can.

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