Roon is slow to open

This remains a problem for me, even with the update to Roon 1.7.

My setup:
iMac running OS 10.13.6 Core
PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with Network Bridge
Mac has direct ethernet correction to my Xfinity Gateway (router)
Two TP Link powerline adapters (because the DAC needs an ethernet connection and is in a separate room from the router).

Everything is slow especially Search and then loading an album chosen via Search.
Especially slow is opening Roon to begin with. I normally do not close Roon on my iMac Core, but occasionally feel the need to refresh either Roon or the iMac itself. Restarting Roon is then very slow – 4-5 minutes.

Even once Roon opens it can take an additional 3-4 minutes for Roon to recognize my PS Audio as a Roon device.

The deterioration in speed has occurred with no change in any of my equipment. I did change the Gateway (router) recently – in fact I thought that improved things – but after the improvement there has since been deterioration.

For awhile after installing Roon 1.7 I was experiencing more dropouts or the music just stopping. That seems to have gotten better in the past two weeks.

Exactly what model and year iMac are you using? What specific specs for cpu and ram, is it ssd etc

@Geoff_Mirelowitz perhaps you should start a new thread rather than add to this existing one.

I’ll leave any decision to open a new thread up to the Roon Support folks. My understanding in the past is if a thread is open on the proper topic we should use it.

Here is the information you asked for:
iMac retina 4K, 12.5 inch, 2017
Processor 3 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Hard drive is not ssd

This is the same equipment I’ve used since I joined Roon last year (with the exception of the Gateway router explained in my first post). The extreme slowness is new.

Does anyone know if the Background Audio Analysis Speed setting might be relevant?
Mine is set at “Throttled” while my On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed is set as “Fast.”

The basis of a new thread is to get all the system setup info etc. a non ssd for the database/boot drive is a concern to note…otherwise your 21.5” (Correction needed) should be more than adequate unless your library is huge.

Your library settings should be fine as noted.

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Internal DNS settings might be worth posting and also noting that power line Ethernet is often a red flag too. Your new router could have some different network settings that the possibly impacting discovery of other devices on the network.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

As noted in our requirements, we always advise that Roon be installed on an SSD. The slowness you’re seeing could certainly be stemming from the lack of an SSD.

Yes, I’ve considered that but don’t have a solution to it. If the new router does not recognize the power line adapters, how does Roon work without problem 95% of the time for me?

Dylan thanks. I admit when I joined Roon I noted that my system met the minimum requirements and left it at that.

I am open to adding an external SSD. But I would need some help in understanding how to set it up.

Would Roon need to be completely reconfigured on my system?
Do all my music files need to be moved to the SSD?
What else do I need to know?

How would this affect my Tidal streaming, since the Tidal files are not on any hard drive on my iMac?

Thank you.

The Tidal files are not. However, when you add a album from Tidal to your library, Roon downloads the meta-data the same as if the files were local. So, as your Tidal library grows it has the same impact as if the music was local on Roon’s database. Which is why the SSD is suggested.

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Thanks. As I said I am perfectly willing to add an external SSD.

But I need to know what steps I need to take after I plug it in to the iMac. I doubt I am the only person who has no idea how to do this.

HI @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

On Mac and Windows Roon will automatically install to the internal drive — You cannot install Roon on a USB connected drive.

So short of purchasing a new computer with an internal SSD drive, there is nothing I can do to meet Roon’s recommended requirements?

I assume if I purchased a Roon nucleus I could solve the problem that way? Is that correct?

How unfortunate.

Hi, it’s normally possible to upgrade the HDD to an SDD in a computer.
Check out the scanning tools and how to guides on

(I did just this a couple years back to an i7 machine … I also increased the RAM from 8GB to 16GB, it mad a huge difference)

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Thanks Carl. I will look, but honestly that kind of tinkering with a computer is not something I am likely to be able to do. Changing a lightbulb in our house is an event. :wink:

Most pc shops would offer such a service. But perhaps a Nuc is possible option too from a pc shop too. A nucleus is a nice piece piece of kit and fully plug n play but comes with a premium cost.

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I’d second (or third) the recommendation to get a SSD installed in your iMac. It’s not that hard and companies like give very good directions. Or as @wizardofoz suggests, most mac or pc fix it shops will do this for you. That’s the single biggest thing you can do to improve performance and you need to tackle this.

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I’ve looked into the suggestion you and @wizardofoz made and would like to do it.

But…the wait time is long. At least one week and maybe two. So here is an additional question: Is there any way I can keep Roon running while my iMac is in the shop? I own a Sonore Micro-Rendu. (I am assuming the answer is no but thought I’d ask.)

You have a laptop or another desktop pc and a disk that can be accessed with your music? If so yes… Install roon core on it, re-log into roon and it will take the license from your iMac, load a roon backup from your iMac and you’ll be running while your iMac is being upgraded. Or pay the dudes at the pc shop a premium to do it overnight. Money talks…

I would gladly pay the premium but I’m not sure that will be accepted. Any “PC shop” won’t do. I would not trust my Mac to someone who is not reliably certified to work on Apple equipment.

But…of course we do have another iMac. My wife has one in her photo studio which is in a separate building at least 100 feet from our Gateway/Router. That iMac is on our home wireless network so perhaps that could work? (Apologies for my ignorance about all of this.)

Can you explain further what you mean by…“Install Roon core on it…”?

Are you saying that once I do that and it recognizes the Roon license (or I transfer it somehow) then the second iMac will automatically “load a Roon backup…and you’ll be running”? Or do I somehow need to “load a Roon backup” to the second iMac myself?

And this entire process can be reversed with the license moved back to my rebuilt iMac after I get it back from the shop?

Buy n new Mac and set it up … maybe even restore a time machine backup, but you will not be able to roon with the time machine backup …Kyle will need to u install roon and then reinstall and restore from a roon specific backup…

While your old iMac is being upgraded by Apple, use the new one, the. You have the option to return the new one once your old iMac is done…must be done within 14 days and only from an apple bricks and mortar shop or ordered online at Apple. a little bit of a cheeky way but we pay Apple a lot of money for their systems. I have done this with watches and iPads over the years, and might do it for my wife’s MacBook pro as her track pad had a latte down it and she needs it repaired while still having the same capabilites