Roon is sluggish - is any one else seeing it. Albums don't load

Roon Core Machine

Version: 2.8
Model: sonicTransporter CDR
IP Address:
MAC: 00:30:18:50:1F:1D
Serial Number: 2050578

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Router
Everything hardwired

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Albums not loading from Tidal. I rebooted and logged out/in of Tidal. This did not fix the problem

If anything, tonight Roon is faster than ever… Tidal albums, discographies and artist pages load almost instantly… I am located in Colombia, btw…

You’re not imagining it. Have the same issue with Tidal through Roon. Does load albums in the end but very slowly - and may have to try multiple times. Qobuz is fine.

This is from The Netherlands. Must be the local Tidal proxy.


Tidal is fast going directly or through Bluesound so it is Roon issue. One more reason I am looking to standardize on Bluesound as a back up. This insures i am actually able to play music since i am 90% Tidal

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Same issue here. JAX Florida


I am having Qobuz issues.

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The same for me here in the NL. I’ve chosen the worst time to merge my qobuz and tidal libraries.
My whole lib is a mess :smiley: I’ve spent 3 hours dealing with duplicates and one track albums thinking it was something wrong with what soundizz did. Well…
Now I can’t delete/add/edit anything even after core restarts

I’m having issues, stuff loading slowly or only partially loading on Qobuz; I don’t use Tidal. My local library seems OK and Qobuz music plays even when the album or artist info for what I’m playing doesn’t load properly. I’m in the UK.

I’m having the same problems too - it’s unusable at the moment. I’m in Melbourne Australia.

So glad I have 2500 records, 700 tapes and 400 CD to tide me over…:sunglasses:.

Jax, FL here too but in all honesty I am not really having any of these issues tonight?

Same here on the East Coast.

Same here in WNY

Same in SF. Components of both Qobuz and Tidal are failing to load. Roon is also sending me security alerts indicating I’m signing on the a new device, even though I’m just using my usual iPad

I just signed up for the 14-day trial and have used Tidal previously without problems, but nothing is working for me. Is this common with Roon? Not a good way to make a first impression.

Same in Portland, OR.

Hi Michael,

No, this really is a rare occurrence. No other music application come even close to the functionality and analytics you will get with Roon. It really is an amazing full featured music platform for managing your collection or streaming Hi-Res from Tidal or Qobuz.



System back up and screaming fast in Ashland Oregon

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for reporting this right away - we’re so sorry about the trouble :pleading_face:

Unfortunately, there was a partial server-side outage that might have caused this. It was now resolved, so everything should be back on track :nerd_face: