Roon is terribly Slow

Roon Core Machine

Core: Nucleus + (1st generation), Version 2.0 (build 1303)
Remote: Installed on IPhone 12 Pro Max, Version 2.0 (build 1303)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NAS: Synology DS1817+
Router: ASUS GT-AC5300
Switch: Ansuz PowerSwitch D2

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Ready player: Linn Klimax DSM/2
All the devices (NAS, Nucleus, Linn player) are connected to the Ansuz switch using high quality LAN cables.

Number of Tracks in Library

Track qty: ~ 180,000

Description of Issue

  1. The album is loaded very slowly and sometimes can take more than one minute to show the content.
  2. And music play is also extremely slow. It can take as few minutes to start while I tapping one track to play.
  3. Sometimes music being played will pause by itself without any operation.
  4. Sometimes Roon will lose control to the player. And it can be fixed by powering off and on to the Linn player.

Sometimes the Roon can even lost connection with the player, but Roon will connect it again automatically after a few seconds or minutes.

Reboot the server

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Thanks John! Rebooted the server and NAS, mitigated part of the problems. Still got similar issues, like slow response of album or track loading, lost control of the player. Screenshot attached. Anyone can help on this annoying problem?

Remove the Ansus switch and go back to basics connecting to the router directly and see if it changes anything.

If you’re on the Nucleus and not Nucleus plus you do have quite a large library which could cause issues. It may well be that the system m2 drive is developing a fault. This can cause the library to get very slow.

Thanks for the input! Did not change anything.
Actually, the problem was with another lower end switch previously. And then got the same problem after upgrading to the Ansuz switch.

Below are my observations.

  1. Turning the Linn player off and on can fix the problem.
  2. Disabling the Linn player and the enable it can also fix the the problem.
  3. But the same issue will happen again after used a period of time (one hour or a few hours).
  4. Just noticed that the Wi-Fi of the Asus router is not as stable as before. Not sure if it has anything to do with the problem.

Slow loading comes down mainly to database size issues and unmatched hardware. Most likely your nas is under resourced for such a large library. Roon is very resource hungry and needs a good processor, fast ssd drive for the database and plenty of ram for a library of that size. You need at a least a desktop 7i7 for that size and minimum 8gb ram but given NAS devices do a lot of other things, a lot more likely needed. Roons minimum spec is an 7i3 and single core speed is most important. I don’t think your choice of machine to run the core is the bottleneck.

Sorry, Crystal. Actually the loading slow problem fixed already after rebooting the Roon core and NAS.

Now the major problem is that Roon always losing control of the audio device. And it can be fixed by the actions that mentioned in my previous reply. Sometimes, it even got worse, the audio device disappeared completely.

Seems Linn player has been disconnected somehow. And I will have to power the player off and on to get it back to work.

Check the linn subnet is still correct, some updates seem to have cleared that for some users in the past.

Thanks Crystal! The subnet (as shown below) should be ok.

Just installed JPLAY on my iPhone, and it works perfectly without similar issues. The audio device (Linn Klimax DSM/2) is working normally while it always get lost randomly in Roon. And I’ll have to power Linn off and on to get it back in Roon, which is very annoying.
Probably, it’s a firmware problem. Hope this bug can be fixed with future Roon updates.

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Continuant la discussió de Roon is terribly Slow:

I’m thinking about doing the same, installing and using Jplay on the iPhone and continuing to use Roon on the desktop. What worries me is having to make the lists again, although Qobuz will remain the same.
What is your experience? Thank you

Sorry Pau!I don’t have much experience with JPLAY.
And seems its music management capability is very limited comparing with Roon.

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It doesn’t have any management it relies on a separate UPnP server for that. All it does is display that in slightly more presentable way and charge you a yearly sub for it.

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