ROON is too fragile

ROON is too fragile. When I am playing music and querying the artist’s information, the music is always interrupted. Isn’t it possible to perform any other searches when I play ROON on this computer?

(Can any of the @moderators move this to support?)

It should definitely be possible to play music while querying an aritsts information. Often these type of interruptions can be explained by an issue with your network (or alternatively, an issue with the internet).

Can you detail your setup a bit more? Are you using wireless or wired connections? What machine is the core running on? Do you have any endpoints? Does it happen with local music or with streaming content?

how is your system set up? What exactly are you querying when this happens? does the music get stopped or paused when this happens and you have to restart it? to is it just a quick interruption that resolved itself?

Yes, I interrupted quickly, and then I skipped to the next piece of music, not listening to the previous one completely.
This is my most painful thing. Should I take up a computer for ROON?

I only have this computer and no other music. Apple MAC is used. Both wireless and wired networks are interrupted in this way.

In a word, yes. You want to run Roon Core on a machine dedicated to that task.

An Intel NUC will set you back a few hundred $. For the slightly-adventurous, there are even cheaper alternatives.

I don’t fragile is the appropriate work to describe this mess!

It seems to me that you did the All in One installation on a not enough strong computer (or network) and that’s why it “clogs”.
It works for me (also All in One).

According to what you said, how powerful a computer is needed? I am an Apple MAC quad-core 8GB RAM 1TB hard drive.
And Net 300M

Hi @Seung_Hiuming

Check out our requirements listed here.

It sounds like your Roon database isn’t installed on an SSD — This is definitely important and is listed in our requirements. Slowness and playback issues can definitely happen if not using an SSD.

I need to buy a new computer SSD, how much RAM do I need? How much hard drive do I need? Is the minimum configuration of MAC Mini enough?

Uploading: 截屏2021-02-20 下午5.57.13.png…
Core is 1.8
Bridge is 1.7
How should I update it?

1.7 bridge is up to date. As to the computer requirements for Roon core, visit the support pages and you will find different options based on your objectives. It is all there.

Also if you have a large library of music it may be if this is a new install it’s still analysing your library this takes up a lot of resources and if your Mac does not have an SSD will be very slow. If it’s analysing your library it will show it doing so in library section of settings and storage settings. You can lower the priority of when it does audio analysis which can help.

截屏2021-02-20 下午8.27.29 Uploading: 截屏2021-02-20 下午8.25.08.png…

截屏2021-02-20 下午6.32.01 Uploading: 截屏2021-02-20 下午6.32.01.png…
I’m already at ROON 1.8, why is this red “!” displayed

ROON CTO: My ROON has been unstable, but the sound is very good.
Why can’t my TIBAL music display selection and playback in ROON? I have updated to version 1.8. I only have one computer using MACOS PC and AURALiC Altair playback device

Looks like your core is having trouble connecting to Roons servers, that’s what that error is. Likely your internet provider where in the world are you?

My internet provider is China, and I think I have connected to ROON because the radio broadcasts very good sound. It’s just that there is a problem with TIBAL connecting to ROON, and it’s normal to play the TIBAL account alone on my phone.

Uploading: 截屏2021-02-21 上午11.05.40.png… 截屏2021-02-21 上午11.05.40 My version has been updated to 1.8, why is this update still prompted, now TIBAL music in ROON cannot be run normally