Roon is unable to find my Rpi-4 RoPieee


I have Rpi 4 4GB installed the RoPieee successfully, after that I installed roon on my phone trying to complete the setup, but the roon software was unable to locate the endpoint.

I am new to this, And i don’t know if it’s necessary to have a valid subscription with roon in order to make this work?

any help?

Another possibility - if you do have a licensed Roon Core going on your network. If the RPi4 doesn’t have a DAC plugged into one of its USB ports, Roon won’t see it. (It’s the DAC Roon is looking for, not the RPi4 itself.) I’m sure you could have a DAC HAT attached to your RPi4, rather than a USB DAC; I myself don’t have any experience with those, though.