Roon issue this morning - overheating Mac

When I came downstairs this morning I could hear the MBPro that the Roon program is on whirring. When I investigated, Roon was running at almost 300% CPU. Have never had the Mac run so high. It was put to sleep with Roon open but nothing playing, micro rendu off, the external ssd where the music files are kept was cold.

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I had this problem last night with my Intel NUC. I could hear the fan over the music - which has never happened before.

While I have had problems with heat before, this seems to have become worse with the latest release.

I should add that the NUC is in its original case and is well ventilated.


Mine seems to settled down. Catalina has had updates recently. No idea if that could have affected it. Seems unlikely as you are clearly not using Mac.
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