Roon issues after last update

Core Machine (Ubuntu / Roon 1.7 build 511) -Using it with Roon app for iPhone / iPad

MSB Analog DAC with renderer v2

I have issues after last roon update! -I can’t anymore adjust volume with Roon remote, and noticed some sound issues too! It does randomly (several times per day) sound get’s broken, and it lasts maybe about 10-20 sec). (kinda strange “digital” fail sound). -No difference do i play tidal/qobuz or flac files…

Issues started right after last core update, so i m little bit nervous about this…

Hi @jii — Thanks for reaching out!

Just to verify, did this start occurring today after the 511 update, or did this start after the original 1.7 update?

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your Core machine and the DAC?

It did start about one week ago, when roon core got “bigger” update. -I assume it was 1.7 update, becouse i usually get updates right after they are available.

Roon core machine, MSB Dac and other components are rebooted several times too, and my MSB are running with newest firmware also…

Hi @jii,

Do you experience similar issues if you play to other endpoints, like System Output?

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