Roon issues with reissues

Is this a metadata question?

I recently updated my copy of Procol Harum’s classic Home album from the single disc version to a 3 disc set.

I added it to my Itunes library as Home plus as 3 CDs (1 out of 3, 2 out of 3 and 3 out of 3)
I waited for the album to populate Roon, but for some reason it Roon has it as 2 albums.
1 as a 2 CD set called Home plus and the other a 1 CD set called Home plus remastered.

One of the discs in Itunes did have ‘Revisited’ as part of the title until I changed it to ‘Home plus’.

Does anyone know why Roon thinks that disc has Revisited in the title and how I can combine the discs to one album?


Hi @Paul_Elliott,

You can manually correct this in Roon by using the Merge Albums feature.

Additionally, I recommend checking out this KB article on box set best practices. Having the proper folder structure as outlined in that article will help Roon better identify these box sets.