Roon iTunes import

My iTunes library has something like 1848 albums and over 23,000 songs. After Roon finished scanning my iTunes library the numbers don’t match. Roon shows 1740 albums and under 23,000 songs.

What’s happening?

Have a look in Roon-settings-library-skipped files. There may be a problem with the files you’ve imported.

I’ll have a look.

Are there any duplicates , eg Versions of the same album. Roon will count all versions as 1 album so the album count may be low. If so pick one at random and look at the version tab.

As mentioned you may have some formats supported by iTunes but not by Roon , look in the Knowledge base for formats supported.

1 won’t account for Track count but the second will.

There are some multi disc albums that Roon has smartly combined into one selection, where they are not in iTunes; I’ve done most in iTunes. So that will account for the albums mismatch. I’ve gone through some and reduced iTunes down to 1802.

Formats? I have a mixture of purchased aac, aac, alac, mp3 and one wav.