Roon iTunes Playlists Blank

Roon Core Machine is Mac mini w 16GB Ram and 2TB solid state hard drive running 10.15.7 (Mac OS Catalina).

100,000 tracks in Libraries

After moving music media to new folders and redirection Roon via Storage settings to new locations, the iTunes imported playlists show Zero Tracks. The iTunes Playlist names are still listed in the Roon “My Playlists,” with an apple logo in the “By Name” column, and the artwork is also gone. Only the name of the playlist remains.

I have re-exported the XML file from iTunes and placed it in a variety of locations within the “Music” folder that contains the media associated with the iTunes Library. I have restarted Roon. Forced Rescan. Nothing seems to get the Playlists re-linked with the XML file.


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The issue resolved itself over time. In short, it just took a really long time (a day) for Roon to process all the songs and files after my moving the location.

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