Roon jumps ahead to next track in queue before current track is done

My microRendu came in the mail today. Hooked it up & everything was great until roon started jumping to the next track before the current track finished. I run roon from a sonictransporter. Music files are on a WD NAS. DAC is a Schiit Gungnir multibit. Any idea whats going on? Thanks!

Hey @P_Zwief – does this happen with all kinds of media? Local files? Streaming?

Does it happen every time or is it intermittent?

My music is on a NAS. I don’t stream. Problem is intermittant. Problem was reduced but not eliminated when i switched ethernet connections for audio related devices (sonicorbiter, microRendu, NAS) to switch from router. Problem is acompanied with error message that audio file is loading slowly. Thanks.

U-verse tech came today and gave me a new router. Also tested my network and pronounced it fine. In addition to my micro Rendu, sonic transporter and western digital NAS, I’m using a zyxel GS – 108BV2 gigabit switch. All of the a previously mentioned devices are connected directly to this switch using cat seven ethernet cable. Sadly my problems continue. Also experiencing repeated loss of connection with roon. Thanks.

I’ve been reporting problems with tracks skipping while streaming from TIDAL. I don’t think anyone is listening.

Hi @P_Zwief @Sucheta_Mazumdar – both of these cases sound to me dropouts, which can be tricky to track down, but which are almost always soluble.

Can you guys start by reading over this documentation about dropouts? It’s pretty comprehensive, but like network issues, it’s important to consider all the potential causes, and put in the time to eliminate each.

@Sucheta_Mazumdar – I understand you’re frustrated but I assure you that we’re listening and we’ll work with you to get this resolved.

Thanks guys – let me know how things are going and we’ll make sure we get this stable for you guys. Appreciate your patience!

Things are not going well. I’d like to send you a log file. Please tell me what to do? Thank you.

Switched my source from NAS to USB directly connected to sonictransporter. Dropouts continue. Disconnected switch from router. Dropouts continue.

Hi @P_Zwief,

How big is your library ?

Hi @Sucheta_Mazumdar,

Are you also using the sonicTransporter ? How big is your library ?

The sonicTransporter has a Celeron processor (see p.3). I don’t know if that is contributing to the problem here, but would suggest trying another Roon or RoonServer installation to see if the issue continues there.

Sonictransporter. 102,000 tracks.

In the thread I linked @agillis mentioned the sonicTransporter was fast up to libraries of 50,000 tracks. I think it might be under spec for your library.

Yes defiantly. I have an i5 version with 8GB or RAM and more SSD for the Roon database. I’ll swap the sonicTransporter you have for that one and that should sold the problem.

I read the following from "Roonify" your USB drive or NAS with the sonicTransporter

“We does all out testing here with a 250K+ music library to make sure the Roon user interface is responsive. That is the point of the product is you don’t need to worry about the specs and you know it will work.”

So I thought I was good. In any case I’m in for the i5 sonictransporter.

Yes unfortunately I did all my large libary testing with Redbook CD tracks. Apparently DSD and hirez tracks can cause stuttering on a system with a large library. Also I waited for the import to complete. Some of these problems are only showing up when the library is still importing.

I haven’t counted the number of tracks, but I’m not using Sonic Transporter.

Roon Core is on an I-5 Lenovo X250 with 8gb memory and 120gb SSD. I have about 1,000 albums mostly classical stored on a Synology NAS and 500-odd Tidal Playlists (actually again mostly classical Albums that show up as “playlists” on Roon). So, not a huge library. Lenovo is connected to Router via Cat6 cable.

At the moment, I have Sonic Orbiter SE (SOSE) in my basement connected to the network via Powerline Adapter. It seems to work well for the most part, except for the Tidal streaming (skipping on the last few seconds of the last track). I’m in the process of trying to replicate (or not) the problem with Tidal streaming by directly connecting my DAC to the Lenovo.

I’ll report back in a couple of days.

Replaced my zyxel gigabit switch with a cisco gigabit switch. Dropouts reduced, though not eliminated. Roon seems a bit quicker too. Hopefully the i5 based sonic transporter xl will be the last piece of the puzzle.

What’s this? I haven’t seen anything about this either here or on the SGC site.

It’s on our new site.