Roon Just refuses to play any tracks

Does anyone every have the situation when ROON just won’t start to play ?
Keep pressing play - the track won’t start
whereas yesterday the track played perfectly


Mac Running Mojave late 2013
3.5 ghz intel i7
32 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 rm

HI Ray,

I’m moving this thread to the Support section, so the Support Team can see it. However, a bit more information would help them.

  1. is the Music local, if so, where is it stored
  2. is it streaming (which service)
  3. any message appear

Hi Daniel

The music is local ( external HD )
no message appears - I sometimes get a line moving from left to right , but also get the "waveform " next to the play button …but it doesn’t play

I closed it ( quite the application ) and it played ok…just a little irritating but nothing major

Hi @Ray_Thomas

Just to confirm, after a reboot everything is working okay now?

HI Dylan

Yep, it did - not very convenient , but I will monitor it - see if I can work out if there is a pattern
(if its the mac or Roon causing it )

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Well, rebooting my DAC did nothing . . . . but rebooting the Nucleus (power cord out for 30 seconds) did the trick. Hope that helps others :slight_smile:

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