Roon keep losing control

Last days, several times. Makes the KEFs unusable with Roon. Soundwise a fantastic speaker, but the integration with Roon is shit!

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Yep, not sure if it’s Roon or KEF but I gave up on direct streaming and added a Raspberry Pi (DietPi) in between as streamer. Relatively cheap and (more) stable.
(btw. both my NUC (Rock) and KEF are hard-wired)

Frequent problems here too with LSX’s & LS50W’s. Now resorted to streaming from Qobuz/Apple Music directly - no issues with that at all.

Yep Kef is a total joke with Roon or really any other connection other than bluetooth. Drops out constantly works sometimes and not others. They try to blame it on your home network but everything else works fine except the Kef stuff. If you want to use the Kef speakers better plan on adding a streamer such as the node 2i. Then they works fine.


Do you connect the node through analogue output or digital output?

I have my Keff’s (LSX) running through a raspberry Pi II with a hifiberry Digi+. Connection is via optical. I have this setup for more than a year already and no issues whatsoever.

I’m now using the USB connection and Dirac Live for room compensation, something you can’t do with the wifi connection.

Yep Kef streaming is no good. You need to add a streamer if you want to use the LS50W without major frustration. Sounds good via the digital input with a streamer such as Node 2i