Roon Keeps adding albums to my collection

Hi Roon,

I signed up to roon a coupe of weeks ago. However i’m considering cancelling my subscription. Roon keeps taking upon itself to keep adding hundreds of albums to my collection. Its becoming so frustrating and is making a mess of my Roon/Tidal account.

I can’t find anywhere in either Roon or Tidal to switch this off and stop it from happening. It will take me days to delete all the albums roon keeps adding. Then only to find it keeps happening again and again. Why is it so difficult to stop this? Why is this happening? It is time consuming and takes work to build your own personal Album collection, but then to only have Roon F it up. Can you fix this and delete all the Ronn added albums from my account.

Surely you could make your Roon software/app easier to set up and adjust settings. It shouldn’t be so complicated and Roon shouldn’t be set up to either automatically take control of peoples accounts by setting the settings itself or adding albums itself.

Surely by now you can or could have fixed this issue. From what I have read its a very common problem with Roon.

kind regards

Hi @Neil_Collis,

I’ve tagged @support to follow up on this, in the meantime check out this post …

Also this might be helpful…

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If you have favourited a Track in Tidal the Roon will create an Album containing that Track in Roon. Are the added Albums complete or do they just contain Tidal favourite Tracks ?

Hi @Neil_Collis,

Roon does not add content to your TIDAL library unless you choose to do so manually. In Roon you can add albums, tracks, and Collections to your library if you choose.

The way Roon’s integration with TIDAL works is that we reflect your TIDAL favorites exactly as it exists in TIDAL. We do not add any additional content that is not in your TIDAL library, nor do we automatically add TIDAL content to your TIDAL library.

Can you elaborate on the type of content that is being added to your TIDAL library? Does it appear to be Collections content? If so, you can use the instructions found here to remove that content.

In the past we have also seen this behavior occur when someone else was using the TIDAL account that the primary account owner was not aware of. Just to be safe, try changing your TIDAL password.

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Hi @Neil_Collis,

Can you share examples of some of the albums that were added to your TIDAL library?

If you go to the albums and select the three dots next to one of the tracks, you should see an option called View File Info:


From there can you verify the Added date?


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This happened to me as well. The stuff added was in Tidal under tracks, playlists and videos but not in the albums category. If you go into the Tidal app directly and check all the categories you will find them and be able to delete them there and then they will disappear from Roon at the next sync. Next, reset your password and make it really strong. I and others suspect that Tidal accounts have been hacked and used nefariously. If you ever see a message that you are streaming to another device or it takes excessive time to connect this is a dead giveaway. I have not had any problems since I reset my password


This happens to me as well. Albums that I listen to on Tidal are added to my library and I have no idea why. Is there a setting that automatically adds these albums, because I am not consciously doing anything on my part to add them, yet when I go to ‘Overview’ and see recently added albums, there they are–albums I just had a listen to, for whatever reason, and Roon decided that album should be added to my Library. Some quirky behavior for sure.

Hello @rrwmd,

Thanks for letting us know. Can you please let me know an example (or a few examples) of albums that appeared in your library without adding them? What is the date added for the album on the overview page (eg. “added 4 days ago”)? Have you by any chance favorited or downloaded the track on the TIDAL app on your phone? Please let me know when possible.


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Last two:

  1. Rainbow Kitten Surprise-Seven + Mary-added 49 days ago. Listened a few songs of this on recommendation of a friend on the main Roon rig (i.e. not Tidal app). Didn’t even like it. But now it’s added to my library.
  2. Dawn Landes-Meet Me at the River. Added 53 days ago. Listened to part of this one time.

Many more since I’ve been using Roon over the past couple years. But the majority of Tidal albums I listen to via Roon don’t get added.

I would think that one would have to “actively” add something from Tidal to their library. I’m not even sure what that process is, though. Am I accidentally doing something to add these albums to my library?

Hello @rrwmd,

Thanks for letting me know. I am not sure if you accidentally clicked the “favorite” button on TIDAL or if someone else who had access to your account did, it is possible.

Since these tracks were added over 40 days ago, we will unfortunately not be able to check diagnostics from your machine as they get overwritten with new information as the system progresses.

The best thing that we can do here is for you to let us know shortly after you notice this same behavior and check the fresh diagnostics for any strange behavior.