Roon keeps adding tracks that I don't want

Carl , can you help me with a problem Im having ? everyday I use Roon it adds songs to my tracks that I do not want how do I delete them all at once and secondly stop them from being added .

Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry,

I’ve moved your post to its own topic in the support area.

I think what you are describing is the Roon Radio function, which will play tracks based on what you have been playing [ish] after all the ones you have queued up finished.

If you go to the queue page, there’s a Radio On/Off option on the right hand side of the page.

If this is not what you mean / doesn’t help get back to us with a little more detail on what the issue is.

Carl , that is not what I am describing , what I am saying is that somehow the tracks section is adding tracks that I have not chosen. If I look at a particular genre does it just add tracks from that genre it has added over 6000 tracks from bands I have no interest in .

Thanks for your help , being an old guy im having a little trouble navigating the Roon system most likely a breeze for the millennials lol

Hi again,

Thanks for the extra details, are these Tidal tracks that are being added? If so …

Roon will add Tracks to the local collection that are favorited on Tidal, so it worth reviewing what is favorited.

There is another Roon feature that can sometime trip people up. When you first installed Roon did you tell it to include Tidal Collections? This is another way that Roon will add Tidal tracks, but it’s a one shot action and the tracks (albums) are added at that time.

One way to remove Tidal tracks from your collection is to focus on all Tidal tracks, then select all of them and then delete them. Have a read of this in the Frequently Asked Questions section and see if that helps.

I added collections from Tidal, how do I Focus on that content? How do I remove it?