Roon keeps crashing after I loaded roon's default settings for marantz SACD 30n


Originally I use MacMini as roon core via usb to connect to either McIntosh DA1 module or marantz SACD30n. I can listen to the music via both of them, there is no problem at all.

The nightmare has started after I loaded roon’s default settings for marantz SACD 30n,

roon keeps crashing whenever I choose marantz SACD30n as the audio player.

Since marantz SACD30n supports DSD files up to 11.2 MHz, I really hope roon can help to solve the conflicting problem of this situation.

Thank you.

After I unloaded roon’s default settings for SACD 30n, the problem is solved, now I can enjoy my DSD music files up to 11.2 MHz via SACD 30n.

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