Roon keeps crashing on file import :(

As the title suggestions, I have just installed Roon on a new (Windows 10) machine, and it keeps crashing on import. It will seem to import OK for a minute or so and then I get the message “Roon has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. Thanks.

Edit: Thought that it might have been a problem with my internet apparently disconnecting, though I seem to have fixed that now and Roon is still crashing.

Edit 2: Oh wait, internet connection is still iffy…

We are preparing to test on Windows 10, but haven’t begun that work yet.

@mike, lets get some log files for this. It sounds like it’s media dependent, and logs should point us in a direction so we can isolate the files and reproduce…that is unless it’s just some out-from-left-field behavior change in win10 and I’m off base.

Do you want me to submit a crash report?

Also - any idea how long it will take to sort this crash, as I’m thinking of installing Windows 8.1 if it will be a while.

Hey @extracampine – just PM’d you with information about getting logs.

Timelines for the fix will depend on what we find when we look over the logs, but I’ll follow up once we’ve had a look and have a better sense of the fix.


Ah…I’m afraid that I’ve been a bit impatient…I installed Windows 8.1 instead as I wanted to get it all up and running :smiley:

Also Windows 10 seemed a little bit buggy still and I wanted to try out Fidelizer. Sorry about that!