Roon keeps crashing on Mac mini M1

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini, M1 chip, Big Sur operating system.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet linksys mesh network

Problems started with Roon 1.8. It will crash and stop, I start it again and it will run (on the core) for 1 hour or so then crash.

Connected Audio Devices

DirectStream DAC controlled via iPad remote

Number of Tracks in Library

110000 tracks

Description of Issue

The program core keeps stopping on my 2014 Mac mini, this started with Roon 1.8, I have upgraded to the Mac mini M1 but it got worse.

What process did you use to upgrade? Time machine restore? If so then you should remove everything roon related and reinstall from the download on roon web site then recover from a ROON backup. You do have a backup I hope. Time machine is not a good option and is warned against by roon.

You could just try renaming the Roon ~/Library folders and reinstall too.

Hi, I bought a new machine and put a brand new copy of Roon onto the machine (no time machine involved). Roon still keeps crashing, seems to be the 1.8 version is not stable on Mac machines.

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Peter how much memory does your Mac Mini have? Hoping 16GB with that size of Library

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It has 16GB, I ran Roon for about a year with no issues. The issue suddenly started when I upgraded to 1.8. Not sure what to do at this point.

Peter there has been some recommendations in the previous support thread’s about deleting folders in the library folder. I’m out at the moment, but have a search through the support thread’s for it.

I would recommend otherwise waiting for @support advice on Monday.

I’m pretty sure @noris gave the advice last time and the user said that it worked.

ok, thanks I’ll see if I can find that thread.

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Hey @Peter_Goodier,

Thanks so much for reporting this — we’re sorry about the trouble :sweat:

Would you mind restarting your Mac Mini, launching Roon and then writing down the local date and time when the crash occurs?

Immediately after, please grab a set of logs and upload them here.

If you can let us know when you’ve had a chance to upload them, we’d love to take a look and offer suggestions :nerd_face:

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Hello, I purchased a Nucleus instead.

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Just for info…I purchased MacMini M1 16/256GB RAM/SSD and left it at BigSur as shipped but updated to 11.6.1

I installed a fresh Roon version from the website, authorised login and proceeded to scan and import all ~340K over from my Win10 share with no issues (still adding about 100K tracks to go) but I don’t expect any issues.

One thing with the M1 is you share the available memory with the display and the rest of the OS takes a good chunk of it too.

8GB really isn’t enough even just running up the core and the client with only steaming data and no local library its was already using a fair bit.

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