Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]


Right. I’ve moved your posts into the existing issue thread to keep things together for the Support team.

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Well it took a full day but now the 32bit version has done the same thing. The RAAT server starts no problem but the application itself just hangs on startup. I’ve had no problem with the application on my other PC (non core), also running WIN10.

Hi everybody,

Once again, the team would like to extend our thanks to the affected users for your endless patience and diligent reporting as we’ve worked to pin down and eliminate this bug. This issue has proven difficult to reproduce, but with your assistance, we do believe we have a modest update to provide.

After a deep investigation with QA and our developers, the team is going to test a set of changes internally to see if it relieves or resolves symptoms for affected devices. We’ll keep you updated on the status of this potential workaround or fix, with full sensitivity to the frustration felt by those of you who have been unable to reliably use Roon on affected devices for quite some time.

Thank you again for your patience, and we’ll report back shortly as soon as we have additional information.


Thank you for the update and efforts on this. I look forward to enjoying Roon fully as I used. Thanks !

Thank you for the update guys.
Really appreciated! :slight_smile:

It happens when roon is maximized and minimized to taskbar for longer period of time.

I’m on version 1.8 (build 1105) 64bit and also been experiencing crashes for a while when using Roon on windows 10 pro pc, Alienware R9,i9-9900k, RTX 2080 super, 32gb ram, connected to my Schitt headphone dac/amplifier via usb, ive also used my Questyle dac/amp via usb and continue to experience the same crashes, sometimes after 30 minutes and other times within a minute. Roon continues to play, I can skip songs though the UI has crashed.

When using Roon app to control my Bluos node its works perfectly.

Installed the lastest upgrade yesterday but the situation hasn’t changed unfortunately.

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I’m in the same camp. Roon crashed every single time I minimize it. This problem only started after the most recent update. I’m happy to provide any information that will help solve the matter.

Hopefully the upcoming Roon 2.0 update fixes these problems once and for all.

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For a new Roon user, the experience has been disappointing.

  1. I was unable to run the core on my new NAS (upgraded memory, cache, and an SSD to run the core) - neither using Christopher Rieke’s spk, nor Greg Friedman/Steef de Bruijn docker walkthrough;
  2. Then, I installed the core on my i7/16GB notebook…Well, I could enjoy some music from my 2,600 albums for some days with no issue, BUT last week has been hell: constant crashes AND as the backup was set for 4 days I lost these days of editing albums (today ii was my third reinstallation).

This weekend I will probably go back to JRiver

Well, Roon 2.0 hasn’t fixed the issue for me, pretty dissapointed…

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Try running Roon in a Window. Works for me.

thats a nice workaround :slight_smile:
roon UI is full of empty spaces and indeed window can be shrinked a bit without loosing content

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And you can go full screen and back to Window with no problems. Just don’t minimize.

I’ll give it a shot, I’m usually using it maximized but not full screen, like that.

You can still do that. Just click the maximize and restore down buttons. Don’t click minimize.

I’ve been having crashes without minimizing the window, so it seems in my case it is not entirelly related to minimizing the window.
I can’t put my finger on it, I tried multiple things. Next step is to plug back my old Mac Pro…

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I see an Apple Macbook Air M2 in my future.

Updated to 2.0. Tested on latest windows 10. Freezes, went to roon ARC, hit the refresh arrow. Sat for about 30 seconds and kicked it out of the freeze. Had the Roon client also open on a macbook pro laptop, was working like normal the entire time, no freeze but the window was fully enlarged.