Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]

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Still having issues. Unfortunately its gotten worse. My Roon has been crashing for the past 2-3 days, which it never did before. I am updated to the newest version.

It is also happening in different scenarios. I left it minimized over night, no music playing. I maximized it to play music today, and it crashed. In the beginning I only had issues when I was listening to music for a while and didnt touch anything - it would then lag when I went back to it and paused it or skipped a song.

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I’ve had to basically stop using my Dell laptop and use my iPhone with Roon.

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So, I’m trying a Windows 10 screen freeze workaround. Instead of minimizing the Roon screen, I have downsized it so I can keep it up and get to everything else. I just open other stuff on top of it. We’ll see.

This Windows 10 “workaround” seems to be working. Instead of minimizing Roon on your Windows computer, downsize it in a window on your screen where it does not cover up your ICONS, etc. Then, open your other apps on top of it, just don’t minimize Roon.

I’ll continue to do it this way and post if I have another Roon lockup. Hopefully, Roon will have a fix for us soon.

Screenshot (435)

EDIT: This “workaround” has solved my problem with Roon locking up on my Windows 10 laptop. I highly recommend it if you’re having this problem pending a solution from Roon.

This is not a reliable workaround. Roon can still have the same problem even if not minimized. It doesn’t happen as often, but it will still freeze/hang/crash at times. And, realistically, for some of us, this isn’t workable anyway. This is the only way to get Roon to be even remotely usable at this point for me, and I’ve been using it this way for months now. This should NOT BE MARKED as a workaround, it does not solve the problem.

It’s a workaround that works for me on my Dell. It’s not a solution to the problem. That’s up to Roon to figure out.

No it doesnt solve the problem or create a reliable workaround. It has seemed to reduce the number of crashes but there are still enough to make the software considered to be unusable

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I have had no freezes or crashes using this workaround. This solves the problem for me until Roon fixes it. I’ve had no lockups or crashes in 7 days since I started this. YMMV.

A few days ago, I did minimize Roon as a trial and it locked up within 15 or 20 minutes. So, Roon has not fixed this yet.

Just found this thread after another crash when maximising when playing, was on now playing view.
Reopened Roon and found this thread, just maximised Roon, it was not playing, and got an application hang.

W11 64bit Asus VivoBook, i5 2.4ghz, 16 gb ram, iRIS xe graphics
Roon core is running on this laptop, wired connection to Cambridge CXN V2

Everyting is up to date.

Thought it was just me having problems.

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Same problem with freezing and crashing also on my system. Actually for a few weeks already …
Thought it was problematic drivers with my old i7-3770K (intel HD4000) again until I found this thread.

My short summary:
Its 100% reproducible when roon is minimized = it freezes after a while.
→ if something is playing i wait for a while and unfreezes from itself.
→ If has stopped playing then crashes.

Not so when roon is just in the background (switching windows with alt+tab instead of minimizing). Then those freezing issues are rare and the unfreezing time shorter.


I’m also having random crashes, a lot of them, it’s almost unusable. Build 1021, windows 11 latest update.

I really hope Roon releases a stable version for Windows 11 soon.

I need to uninstall, reinstall, and rebuild my library each time I want to use it.

Going to give Audirvana a try, Roon’s had long enough to address the issue. Nobody from Roon is replying in this chat anymore it seems.


The lack of reply’s is truly awful
I won’t be renewing. Sad I love roon when it worked :pensive:


There is not a lack of reply. What is lacking is a solution.

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July 12th coming up on a month since support last posted that I can see. If I let a ticket go that long without touching base with a customer. I’d be In hot water…


Roon what’s the latest status, do you plan on making your software compatible with Windows 11?

If not, please, let us know.


Same here.
roon is freezing when summoned.
Windows 11 here with 32GB RAM.

Crickets from support…

Still no new news from support?

Roon we have been patiently waiting, please, update us on if there is going to be a resolution any time soon, thank you.