Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]

Roon locked up my Dell XPS 15 again. Finally, got message that program was not responding.

As one of the earliest reporters of this problem, my thanks to those who have also posted that you’ve had similar experiences. While we don’t yet have a solution, good to know that this is now actively being looked into.

Some have suggested that this is a very recent issue (last few weeks). That is obviously not my experience. I reported this on 22 April, and I had been logging my crashes trying to find a pattern from 12 April. I’ve done a search through Windows Event Viewer and found a first Roon crash was reported on 24 March, but then the next report not until 12 April. I had many crashes in the interim (hence I started to take notes from 12 April), but these hadn’t been captured by Event Viewer.

Similar to others, I followed the instructions to update .Net and it reported that I was on the latest version. And the Windows Events are referencing issues with v4.0 – these from today’s error report:

Looking at my Windows updates in case these introduced a problem, there was a Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 installed on 23 Feb and Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 installed on 13 April. Several general W11 updates in that period as well.

My responses to @noris’s questions below.

Happy to provide any other info that might help.

  1. Does the hang have any relation to minimizing / maximizing the Roon app or does it occur while in use?

In my experience, there is not a clear relationship with minimising/maximising or re-focusing on Roon.

Just today, the Roon window was in the background, not playing, as I was working through various MS Office apps. When I finished my work, I noticed Roon had crashed, without any sort of interaction.

Last week, I tried opening Roon in a virtual desktop all by itself, left maximised and playing. While back in the main desktop working, Roon crashed in the virtual desktop.

Also, reiterating my earlier report, there have been times when Roon has crashed on waking the PC from sleep. Of course, this might be a variation of re-focusing on the Roon window.

  1. When the hang occurs, what is the last active window of Roon? Are you on Now Playing, Queue, My Albums, or another view?

To be honest, I’ve not taken close notice of this. I do know that it has happened while on the Home window and a playlist window.

  1. What is your CPU/GPU information? If you can submit screenshots of your Windows System Information System Summary and Display Tab, that would be helpful:

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-9500 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3000 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s)
BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
BaseBoard Product ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING

  1. Are there any common patterns to the hang, does it occur after any repeatable sequence of actions or looking at any views in particular?

Early on, I was keeping track of what I did immediately before a hang and crash. When there didn’t appear to be a pattern, I stopped keeping track. Here were a few of my notes:

Date What happened immediately before crash
12 April Switching windows from Roon to PPT while playing to PC
14 April 1703 Selecting output
21 April 1035 Selecting Roon
21 April 1135 On selecting Roon and stopping play
21 April ~2200 Unknown – wake from sleep? (WOL)
30 April 1316 Switching to Roon while closing Solitaire – no memory spike
6 June, 10:10 switching to MS Outlook, Roon on virtual desktop, open to Home screen
8 June ~15:0 not playing, not sure if minimised, switching btn PPT, Outlook, Edge

I reported this in another thread as a memory leak. I am still convinced that is the case. It started with the 952 build. It is likely not a .NET version or graphics driver issue. There is something in your code that is holding objects and not releasing them.

I am running a simple test today. I have Roon running on the core (Dell i7 16 Gb, all QoBuz) where it has worked fine for 3 years up until last month. I have 18 audio devices but have none of them playing right now. The memory in Task Manager is 900+ Mb which is not much at all. I do question why the CPU and GPU are so active even though nothing is playing on any end point.

If I use and end point to start playback on one of the audio devices, the memory footprint slowly increases. As it gets real large, the music will often skip and the end point display will be slow. Once the memory reaches a threshold, in my case that is about 10+ Gb, the end point will freeze and say it can’t connect to the core. If I restart the end point, it can’t find the core.

I then go back to the core machine and the Roon windows is essentially locked and will not shut down correctly. I can force it to shut down using Task Manager. It will then start up OK and repeat the cycle.

So, the question is, what code changes were made in 952 that might grab memory and not release during playback? Focus your testing there.

FWIW, I am a Microsoft MVP and help maintain very large web sites for a living. I know memory leaks and how to triage. Please let us know how we can do focused testing to get this resolved. I cannot even use Roon anymore because of this issue.


Are you using Roon or RoonServer on the machine which is your core?

As having used and still do Roon on Windows with many different PCs simultaneously. I have been trying to recreate this issue and not succeeding.

Just wanted to add that I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Roon Core is running on a Windows 11 machine.

I realize there seem to be a bunch of threads on this so I won’t add to the noise, but thought I would add to the “affected # of customers count” in case it helps. I can also provide any additional info as needed by the Roon team.



Nearly every time this issue occurs I had the Roon application minimized and I’m maximizing it to pause/play or change what’s playing. It takes about 5 seconds or so for it to become responsive again. (Very infrequently it will crash.)

I’m pretty much always on a track listing of an Album or the Queue.

NOTE: I run a virtualized instance on Windows 11 on Proxmox with GPU passthrough. I’m only using the Roon app for control. Roon Server runs on a separate LXC container and will never stop playing music when the app hangs/crashes.

Untitled picture

Just as mentioned above. Leave the app minimized for an extended period of time and when you return to it, it’s unresponsive. (Or in rare instances, crashes.)

I am running Roon on Windows 10. That machine is in our office and only used sparingly for other user applications. I control it from other Windows 11 machines and Android phones. All but the phones are wired connections.

Clearly there are a number of users with the same issue. Who can we talk to in support that can work with us on the root cause?

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Please check your memory footprint for the Roon Server. My guess is that it keeps growing and fails after some threshold.

As an fyi, you can run RoonServer instead on that machine, and then install Roon as a client on the same box. This allows you not to have a GUI program running all the time when you don’t need to, as the server version just runs in the background…

I have my windows RoonServer setup that way.

That adds little value to my general usage pattern. It worked fine on the same server for 3.5 years.

I am running more detailed tests right now trying to isolate the issue. I am monitoring Private Bytes and Virtual Bytes for the Roon process using Performance Monitor. I also have Task Manager open to see total memory and processor impact on the machine.

Here is a sample:

Perhaps an issue showed up for you with 952, but this thread pre-dates the 952 release date (24 May by the ‘Now Live’ threads). We started reporting in to Support on 22 April, which would be Build 931. I provided some of my notes above that I took from 12 April, after having experienced at least a week (probably more) of crashes, so that would indicate at least back to Build 923.

And interesting to read the release notes for 913 (3 March) that it was to address “a significant increase in the number of non-fatal crashes being experienced by our user base” – probably unrelated, but still interesting!

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Left Roon run overnight, this shows the high memory use:

After the app reaches a threshold, it shows as not responding and remotes can no longer connect to the core:

I’ve not had a crash for several days…until now. app window was in background. Music was paused. Brought window to foreground and it rendered, but hung. about 5-10s later, it closed. application logs:

I think I had similar issue.
I had my roon core on a vm linux at my synology nas, rasberry pi as end point, win10 laptop as control.
The roon app on win10 randomly freeze but music keeps playing without issue.

That describes my situation too, and with 32GB of memory and the Roon machine is used for nothing else…memory creeps up to 90% overnight and Roon freezes

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Ha, it’s just crashed again. It was once again paused halfway through a track. I need to start monitoring resource usage prior to trying to trigger a crash.

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Multiple lock-up’s today. Please don’t make me renew Audirvana Studio.

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I used Performance Monitor to track memory usage of the Roon app in Windows over time. It just kept growing and growing until eventually the app eventually became unresponsive. My Roon server (running on Linux) never had any issues and kept outputting audio.

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I have these problems too. RAM use increases until nonresponsive within hours and Roon software requires a reboot after which the cycle continues.

Found this thread of a bunch of other people with the same problem (and staff comment). Thought you might find it of help/interest.

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