Roon keeps getting uninstalled

Three or four times now, I have had my computer tell me it was not able to start Roon because the location that the shortcut is pointing to does not exist…

Downloading and installing Roon again puts everything back the way it was (all libraries and watch folders are there, so the “system setup” are not deleted…)

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
Win 10 64 bit
Panda antivrus
Windows defender turned off

Have a look at where the shortcut is pointing to, should be something like


When you get the error again check whether the file is actually present. Using %localappdata% in file explorer will get you here too.

Do you really need to use Windows defender and Panda, I always have been under the impression that 2 anti- virus apps running at the same time is asking for trouble. (Perhaps defenders anti-virus is turned off if Panda is active, might be worth looking at though if something is actually deleting the Roon.exe file. )


Hi that sounds odd, it sounds like a something is messing with the file permissions or blocking the executable from running.

When it happens have you tried (can your try) browsing to the folder when Roon is installed?

In that folder can you see the file roon.exe
What happen when you double click roon.exe?

Is your Panda antivirus, complaining about roon.exe?

If your running RoonServer rather than Roon the path will be:

Again, thanks for prompt responses.

Just reinstalled Roon yesterday, and no one has removed it yet.

But after “no file associated with…” problem, I did use MasterSeeker (my preferred search tool as I rurned off windows index service), and it did not find any roon.exe file anywhere on my computer (any of my 5 disks)
That is why I was assuming it had something to do with my antivirus. But then again, no files in quarantine, and no logs saying anything about “identified/removed virus”. (I would not LIKE to have my antivirus report Roon as a virus, but I could understand it if it misinterpreted something.)
Panda never complained about roon.exe at all, either.

I’ll dig some more, and get back here with more details before I reinstall Roon if this happens again.

Hi again,

You did not mention this error before, under what circumstances is this error reported?

I ask as typically, Windows reports this message when the user has asked it to open a file but Windows does not know which application to open it with. Which is a little confusing as this use case is not applicable with Roon, as with Roon one also runs the Roon application the audio files are not opened directly.

Sorry about being (unintentionally) confusing.
But that was what windows said, “can not find”, and that was why I went looking with MasterSeeker, and that was why I concluded it could be Antivirus/protection related, as the file were nowhere to be found.

I opened my start menu (not Windows start menu, as that menu typically do not like it when you disable Windows search index). My start menu told me “can not find file”, and a (full) search on my computer told me that the file was actually missing.

Which, when I think about it, actually means my header here was wrong, as SOME of the other Roon files was there,
Roon was not uninstalled,but file(s) were missing.
The only file I know was missing was the .exe file, The rest of the files I was not able to check other than "some of them are here because there are a lot of files named “roon something”

Any chance you’re installing with administrator privileges or installing for a Windows user other than yourself?

Definitely no other users than myself.
As for administrator privileges, “no, I don’t think so”. I may have installed with administrator privileges at some point, IF Roon prompted me for it, but not by accident.

Perhaps it would make sense to uninstall Roon, and perform a clean install? Just to make sure that whatever is happening is happening based on “a flawless installation” of Roon?

Have you made any edits, configuration changes, or playlists you want to preserve? If not, yeah, why not try a full uninstall and see how it goes?

If you want to just test a fresh install, you might want to find your Roon folder and rename it to something else temporarily, like Roon_old. Then, you can safely reinstall Roon and you should be able to use Roon with a new database.

Sorry again for the trouble here. Let me know how it goes @jengeno!

Me again.
Really sorry about starting a topic and then just disappearing like that.
Have been working too hard to listen much to my own music, surviving by using Tidal… (Started a new company in 2015… we went from “two countries, three employees” to “5 countries, 35 employees and associated…” That tends to take up a lot of time.)

So… just started Roon at the beginning of the week, and now it is totally gone again.
This time, I did some of the checkings, and no, there is NO roon.exe in the Application folder (there is a Roon.exe.old from 22 November, though)

(Two weeks later, I am really overworked here, completing my text here:)
And… it happened again today. ALL program-files gone. But the setup and database-files are there, so all I need to do is to reinstall Roon, and everything is OK. Until next time.

Am I really the only one suffering from this?
Any idea what log file I should find somewhere, telling me “what” and “why”? From what I can see, my antivirus has not done anything…
This does sound more like something windows 10 would do… but from what I understand, it should not “remove” the program, just “move” it… And Roon is nowhere on my computer after the “uninstall”… And that would only happen if Roon was not Windows 10 compatible…


It sounds like the antivirus software is having a false positive and is removing the roon.exe file.

  • What AV software are you running (is it still Panda antivirus)?
  • Is it upto date?
  • Can you check its active logs?

Just another voice to say I have exact same issue on Win8.1 install of 1.2. Roon.exe disappears every so often. Happens on two different machines. Both machines on work domain and AV controlled by IT guys. I have them checking on things, but holiday closures have delayed things

Hi Carl.

Still Panda antivirus, Allways updated. And the logs say nothing, Some intrusion attempts according to the firewall log, but nothing in quarantine and nothing “not firewall related” in the log. (The “not logged” bit is what worries me. I did not think I had any programs that could do this without logging it. And I find nothing in the system logs for Windows either… so far…)
Will probably stop using Panda anyway (on one of my other computers, Panda suddenly “forgot” what it had done before, and kept insisting I “accepted” Chrome for every new tab I opened, with no way to say “remember this selection”…) but that does not explain anything about the missing Roon, I think.

Does Roon “fight” with any of the “similar” software out there? (longshot, I know…)
Using Roon for “home use”, but ended up setting up Plex for remote access to my NAS (there are probably better solutions out there, but… you still have not made it possible to access Roon from outside, right?) Have everything I need to set up a dedicated music server, (two storage disks in raid + system disk + 8TB backup disk) but… as usual, time is an issue.
Could the fact that both Roon and Plex are accessing the same data be an issue? (Probably not. I am just getting desperate here…)

The fact that garym here has the same problem at least makes me feel less lonely;)

[quote=“jengeno, post:13, topic:7924, full:true”]
Could the fact that both Roon and Plex are accessing the same data be an issue?[/quote]
I think you can rule this out. I have Plex and Roon both accessing the same music library without any issue.

I don’t have PLEX installed on either of my windows computers. Music files are on an always connected USB external drive (no NAS involved). I use LMS, foobar2000, VLC (for videos) as media streamers on both these machines with no issues. (and note, only roon.exe disappears. all other files are still there, and an “reinstall” of roon brings everything back (i.e., database is OK).

I’m sure it must be AV or firewall related, but like the other report, I find no logging issues on blocking.

And I just lost Roon. Again.
This time with my antivirus turned off. (Do not ask, it was not intentional, but that should rule out “Panda” as the culprit.)

Maybe I should just give up, and start Roon with a batch file that starts the program by first installing it… OK, that was a partial joke, but I must confess I am getting kind of annoyed here.

This time it seems Roon was actually STOPPED before it was uninstalled. I had it this morning, and did not stop it before I left wor work (I had just added some music files and wanted to let the program finish updating) but when I came back from work, the program was gone.

(If we cannot fix the “uninstalling issue”, maybe we should start talking about the fact that Roon insists on playing 50% of the music from Talking Heads?)

Hi, this has happened to me too. Twice now.

I’m running Kaspersky but I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem (there’s nothing in the logs).
I think the deletion happens right after I exit Roon. The shortcut image just suddenly goes blank.

I should say that I did initially have trouble installing Roon on my Windows 7 64; I had to run the installer as adminstrator off an external usb. The PROGRAMS menu won’t let me uninstall either.

I’m about to install the new version of Roon, Hopefully that will take care of the problem.