Roon keeps hanging during playback

Roon version 1.4 build 310 core and data hosted on QNAP TVS-471. Core is on SSD and tracks are on NAS HDD. I believe I have somewhere around 12,500 tracks, but I am currently unable to load the overview to check. I have three endpoints grouped into one zone: PS Audio DSD, PS Audio DSD Junior, and Sonore Micorrendu feeding a Naim Muso QB. Remote running on MacBook Pro, iPhone7Plus, and iPad. Oops, 23,496 songs - Roon is back apparently. So this happens enough that it’s getting really annoying: I’m grooving along happily and then the music just stops. Today I have been paying close attention (and downloading and reading logs) and it has happened three times in the last couple of hours. The GUI looks like it moving on to the next song - next song info is displayed and counter is at zero with the Pause button showing, indicating it is playing, but nothing happens. In this instance, the overview has now become available and I can navigate around Roon, but the song it hung on is still showing in the display. The track is fine and plays successfully at other times, and this happens randomly on different tracks all the time. There is no event logged in the QNAP log, and the Roon log is 10,000 lines and seems to be all over the place. I need some help please. I should add that pressing the next button will begin play, skipping the offending track. I think this is only happening during Roon radio playback - I can’t recall having this issue when listening to an album.

Network stuff: Nas is connected by ethernet to all endpoints. QNAP>AsusRouter/Switch>two additional switches, one at PS Audio DSD endpoint and one at PS Audio DSD Junior endpoint - microRendu is plugged into the Asus directly. Controls are operated wirelessly; sometimes the macbook is wired.

It just happened again, but this time it started itself playing again after about 5 minutes of silence.

Adding @support in a post so they get notified. They don’t get a heads up when it is in the title of the thread…

Thank you! Wasn’t clear on where to put that.

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They may need to know more details on your network, wired or wireless? switches, routers etc.

Good call. Thanks again.

Hi @Mark_Kelly ----- Thank you for the report and continued feedback, but more importantly, thank you for your patience here. My apologies for the delay.

Moving forward, I first wanted to check in and see how things have been going since your initial post. Any progress or new observations to share? Secondly, to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following information:

  • If you do not group the three zones together do you experience the same behavior?

  • Please verify the make and models of the switches you are currently implementing in your setup.

  • Based on your report it sounds like you are experiencing this behavior with your locally stored content on the NAS and my assumption is that TIDAL content is exhibiting the same behavior, but please do confirm.

  • During your troubleshooting of this behavior have you tried temporarily hosting your Roon core on another device to verify what the experience is like?