Roon keeps losing audio devices after Windows Update

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i5BEH, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Professional, Roon 1.8 (build 884) stable (64 bit), Roon library on a seperate internal SSD
Dell Latitude 7400, Intel i7-8665U, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 Professional, Roon 1.8 (build 884) stable (64 bit)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core: Ethernet
Laptop: Wifi
Both on the same Powerline Extender when the issue occurs

Connected Audio Devices

Chord Mojo, Soundlink II Mini SE, default jack output

Description of Issue

I’m running a Roon Core on my NUC. Whenever a new Windows update is ready for installation, Roon will no longer list the audio devices attached to the Core.

Usually, I start up my NUC+Roon in the morning, start listening on my Mojo and then turn off the Mojo when taking a break. When I then turn on the Mojo again, Roon will no longer find it; and Roon won’t list any of the other audio devices connected to the Core either. The Core is no longer listed as a device. It will always turn out a new Windows update has been downloaded, is ready for installation and requires a reboot. The issue will be resolved after the reboot. Is there a proper way to work around this? Or is this a bug that can be resolved by the Roon team?

For more than a year I’m running a headless Roon server install on a Win 10 PC with the addition of a regular Roon install for GUI duties, but never experienced what you describe ( if interested, find details by clicking my avatar).

Also, I shut down everything when leaving the house and power things up on return with Win/Roon auto starting.

I strongly suspect something being irregular with your setup.

Thanks for your reply, good to know! I’ve seen other people reporting the same issue, so that’s why I’m assuming this.

I also shut down my device at night or when leaving home - somehow the updates will be in wait after rebooting, not before.

Is there anything I could try to remedy this?

Alright, it seems the issue is worse. Even after a reboot, the audio devices on the Core sometimes do not show up. It also takes a while for the audio devices on another Roon device to show up - no audio zones are available, and no devices are listed under Settings > Audio. How can I look into this further?

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Could you kindly provide all necessary info for @support as described here in the second post and make sure you’re not too greedy - your first post is lacking vital info!

I can’t offer more help - so stay tuned for the pros to step in…

I’ve run into this issue again this morning. Rebooting the Core didn’t work. When I manually checked for Windows updates on the Core, it found an update for Windows Defender. When I installed this and rebooted, the audio devices on the core popped up again. This seems to be the only correlation that keeps popping up: Windows updates available, then force install and reboot to resolve the issue.

I’ve edited the opening post to include more details.

I sometimes have Roon errors, where by my Win Roon bridge PC endpoint drops offline (Using a NUC rock core), after playing back local software audio like Youtube etc.
The PC and core sit on the same switch locally.

I need to reboot the PC, to re-establish connection, and/or sometimes the core too.

Conversely, I never have issues with my Linux endpoints, ever.
Which actually sit on a Wifi mesh.

Win10/11 sucks… IMO. Ditch it for audio.

Hi @eye ,

We’ve sometimes seen that Windows Defender or other Antivirus applications cause similar behavior to the one you describe. If you temporarily turn off Windows Defender / Antivirus, do the audio devices re-appear without a reboot?

Hello @noris

Thank you for your reply! Iirc, turning off Windows Defender didn’t resolve the issue in the past. I haven’t experienced the issue lately, but I will (re)try this when it reoccurs.


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